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Khloé Kardashian, Lamar Odom call off their divorce to give love a second chance

In the wake of the summer of big breakups, it took a near tragedy to actually save one marriage.

According to TMZ, both Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom have taken steps to have their signed divorce papers withdrawn, keeping them legally husband and wife.

Laura Wasser, Kardashian’s lawyer, reportedly went to a judge on Wednesday morning asking to have the couple’s divorce case dismissed. Odom is said to have signed the necessary papers from his hospital bed. Now all that’s left is to wait for everything to be processed and signed by a judge, which TMZ has reported is a surety.

Us Weekly confirmed this news with a Kardashian insider who said, “This is a very delicate and difficult time for both Lamar and Khloé, and the most sensible thing to do at such a time is not make any big moves and put everything on hold. So that’s what she is doing.”

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It was in December of 2013 when Kardashian filed for divorce, yet she sat on those papers until this past July, trying to save her marriage by getting Odom into rehab, according to TMZ. But in a twist of fate only found in fiction, a judge has not yet signed those forms, meaning the couple is still legally married.

Kardashian has reportedly not left Odom’s side since Tuesday, Oct. 13, when he was found non-responsive at Love Ranch, a legal brothel near Las Vegas.

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On Monday, Odom was airlifted to a hospital in Los Angeles. The insider said, “Khloé is committed to staying with [Lamar]. It’s a slow process, but Khloé is there every step of the way… It’s all been so draining and emotional.”

This is the latest in sudden relationship status changes for Kardashian. Prior to Odom’s crisis, she had been dating James Harden. That relationship was put on immediate hold once news of Odom’s condition made headlines, and Kardashian dropped everything to be at his side. Harden has reportedly been completely understanding in the wake of these unexpected and extraordinary circumstances, as well.

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