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Jemima Kirke stuns Twitter with her naked hair-chopping video

Clearly, Jemima Kirke is a lot more like her eccentric Girls‘ character Jessa than we ever thought possible.

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Kirke took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a video of herself cutting off her luscious locks. But she wasn’t just shearing off her waist-length hair to a more “mom-who-had-a-tough-year-who-doesn’t-feel-like-brushing-her-f***ing-hair look,” she was also doing it topless. Like, completely topless.

Of course, it could be that Kirke just didn’t want to get those pesky hair trimmings all over her clothes. If you’ve ever cut your hair, you know if can be messy as well as itchy and uncomfortable if those stray strands get all over your body. Best to shower ASAP.

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And she doesn’t actually show any nip. That wouldn’t be social media appropriate, after all. (#Freethenipple advocates feel free to insert your own commentary here.)

Most Twitter fans seemed to embrace the change and the video.
Others weren’t so enthused by the video.

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But they seemed more upset that she chopped off her hair rather than that she was unexplainably topless.

Do you think Kirke’s video was too out there, or the perfect example of a modern woman embracing her quirkiness?

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