Jenelle Evans angers fans with her very 'fake' before-and-after pic (PHOTO)

Oct 21, 2015 at 8:54 a.m. ET

Jenelle Evans' figure is amazing, there is no denying that, but she appears to have faked a photo to prove that her product endorsement is working — at least that's what both fans and critics are accusing her of.

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On Tuesday, Evans took to Instagram to share a before-and-after shot, with the before picture showing Evans sporting a slightly larger belly. Evans appears to be wearing the same clothing in both pictures, but her posture is very different; in the before picture she is slouching, and in the after picture she is standing upright with her arms pulled back.

Evans captioned the image, "I've been talking a lot about @flattummytea recently and look at the difference it's making! I've been drinking Flat Tummy Tea for the last couple of weeks and haven't made any changes to my diet. Bloating is no longer an issue, I feel lighter and have lots more energy. It really works! If you struggle with bloating and feeling blahhh then go check them out and order for yourself at"

But fans are calling bullshit.


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"We all know this was taken within a few minutes of each other.. it's a shame because I was actually intrigued by this product after hearing about it somewhere else. Now there is no chance I'd ever buy this. Your loss @flattummytea don't let people like this advertise for you," mellymel4134 wrote.

nic.maloney chimed in, writing, "Seriously , hair in front, shoulders forward, slouching -- could this be any more staged? #sellout."

And k.r.y.s.t.a.l.8.8 also slammed the picture for being fake. She wrote, "I hate to say it but this is super fake. I can push my stomach out take a picture then suck it in and take another one and have a bigger difference than that. People are right the fold and everything are exactly the same. So fake, so unnecessary."

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Other comments include, "Really?! Same outfit, standing in the same exact spot.. lmfao glad you think we're all idiots @j_evans8209," "I see bullsh*t!" and "obvs we need this. It'll help us suck our stomachs in."

And elleykay_reybigtay has pointed out another little flaw with the picture: Evans has stitches in both shots. She wrote, "The stiches [sic] are in her chin in both photos."

Did Jenelle Evans fail big time with this product endorsement picture? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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