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The Voice: Blake Shelton mesmerized by Miranda Lambert sound-alike (VIDEO)


Blake Shelton was forced to make a seemingly difficult decision on tonight’s episode of The Voice, but according to a few fans, this choice wasn’t actually that challenging. Viewers believe Shelton simply selected the singer who sounded the most like Miranda Lambert.

Season 9 of The Voice has been, at times, very bittersweet. Fans were saddened when, during the season premiere, they noticed that Shelton was still wearing his wedding ring. This was not a mark of his continued devotion to Lambert, but rather, evidence that the blind auditions were filmed shortly before news of his divorce hit headlines. The ring has since disappeared — and this jewelry development has sparked even more sadness on Twitter.

Emily Ann's rehearsal
Image: NBC

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Fans of the show were once again reminded of Shelton and Lambert’s split during tonight’s final round of Battles. This time, the reminder came in the form of a very talented member of Team Blake named Emily Ann Roberts, who duked it out against Morgan Frazier. Both of the country singers are perfect for Team Blake, but unfortunately, Shelton could only choose one to move on to the next round. Twitter users were not exactly surprised when he chose Roberts, for, as many claimed, she sounded a lot like Lambert.

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The Battles were filmed shortly after Shelton and Lambert’s divorce, so the coaches were far too nice to mention that Roberts sounded an awful lot like Shelton’s ex. They instead focused on her youth, her likable personality and her command of the stage. However, Shelton himself drew an interesting comparison between Frazier and another top country star: Carrie Underwood! Shelton claimed that Frazier sounded just like Underwood when she hit an especially strong note at the end of her rendition of “I’m That Kind Of Girl.”

Emily Ann on The Voice
Image: NBC

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A few fans suspect that Shelton took Roberts’ Lambert-like voice into account when making his final decision. If this was the case, he certainly didn’t say so; instead, Shelton claimed to have selected Roberts because he believed he could “make the biggest difference” with her. He added that it would have been far too painful to pass on the opportunity to work with somebody “so young and sounding so unique.” Those who have noted the similarities between Roberts and Lambert disagree about her sounding unique, but they do believe that Shelton made the right choice.

Watch the battle now:

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