Scream Queens: 7 Reasons Pete is totally the Red Devil

Oct 20, 2015 at 11:23 p.m. ET
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First, I must warn my fellow Scream Queens fans that the show will be on a short hiatus, thanks to the World Series. Yes, it's quite traumatizing. However, please try to soothe yourself like Chanel would: by eating some chocolate-covered packing peanuts. With that said and done, it's time to talk business, like how Pete is totally the Red Devil.

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The suspect list keeps getting smaller and smaller, especially thanks to all those deaths. I mean, Tuesday's episode killed three characters, including Caulfield (the Dollar Scholar with no arms), Sam (aka Predatory Lez) and Roger (Chanel #5's other boyfriend). I have to give it to the Kappas, because they sure know how to throw one of the deadliest slumber parties ever.

Anyway, one particular character was missing from the episode: Pete. Yes, other characters remained MIA, like Denise (it wasn't the same without Niecy Nash), Gigi and Boone, but Pete's absence is extra suspicious, which means he's absolutely one of the Red Devils. If you're not on board with that theory, let me explain with these seven reasons.

Pete on Scream Queens
Image: Tumblr

1. He wasn't at the slumber party

Hmm... where was Pete? He told Grace he had to "study," which is the lamest excuse ever. I know they're at college, but come on. Plus, at the end of the episode, after the slumber party and killing came to an end, Pete texted Grace, "Done studying. Wanna make out?" Talk about convenient timing.

2. He's really smart

Even though it seems like Gigi is running the show and telling these Red Devils who to kill and when, Pete is no dummy. Most killers are smart when it comes to murder and not getting caught. Enter Pete.

3. He's too eager

Pete, alongside Grace, is very eager to catch the killer(s). Isn't that the perfect way to pull focus away from yourself and put it on someone else? His determination is a great tactic in convincing others he wants to stop the murders, when in fact he's probably committing them.

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4. He's protective of Grace

If Grace is the bathtub baby, I think Gigi wouldn't want the Red Devils to kill Grace, especially if she is their boss. After all, Gigi is the Hag of Shady Lane, aka the woman who supposedly took in the bathtub baby. With that said, Pete is very protective of Grace, which is just another clue.

5. He's helping Grace figure out the puzzle

Maybe Gigi wants Pete to help Grace put all of the puzzle pieces together so she can finally learn the truth: that she is the bathtub baby, her mother's death was covered up and Wes also might be involved somehow. After all, Gigi did call Grace her "stepdaughter," so it seems like she feels some loyalty to her and is trying to protect her just like Pete.

6. He's into Grace — like, a lot

Remember when Gigi was talking to one of the Red Devils and said, "He's gotta go." She also said, "That got way out of hand." Hmm... do you think she is referring to Pete, because he likes Grace so much that he's not following Gigi's orders and is doing his own thing? It makes sense.

7. He owns a Red Devil costume

Need I say more?

Pete on Scream Queens
Image: Tumblr

Scream Queens returns to Fox after the World Series.

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