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Big Freedia reveals how she felt about her interview with Lance Bass

This episode is one of my favorites, ya heard me?

Big Freedia new home
Image: Fuse

First, I got the keys to my new house! I took my sister and niece and my brother, Adam, to see it. Would you know, they were already claiming their rooms. They need to get on clean-up patrol first, then maybe they’ll get a room! Anyway, my Uncle Percy and I worked those walls since that episode was filmed and the place looks fabulous!

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Flash on Big Freedia
Image: Fuse

Also in this episode, my dancer, Flash, is trying to expand his career and become a rapper. He’s got skills, so we’ll see if he can pull it off. What a lot of kids don’t understand is the amount of work and focus it takes to succeed. Melvin took him to the studio, though, and hooked him up with a producer, so we’ll see what comes of it!

Big Freedia book photo shoot
Image: Fuse

Most of this episode takes place in Los Angeles. We had a press tour and the book photo shoot. I think this was one of my best shoots to date. The photographer, Koury Angelo, is always on point. What ya’ll didn’t see was that I was at the tuxedo shop the night before putting that outfit together.

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Lance Bass on Big Freedia
Image: Fuse

The most ridiculous moment of the press tour was when Adam Carolla asked if I wore a wig! Please! I did Lance Bass’s radio show, too. We got to his home in the Hills. He was the best! His interview was on-point and well-researched. When you do 10 interviews a day, you start to appreciate when people ask different questions.

Ru Paul's Drag Race queen Big Freedia
Image: Fuse

The last night in Los Angeles was the Twerk of Art exhibit. In the past episode, you saw me taking the photos in New Orleans, but the actual exhibit was in Los Angeles. World of Wonder threw the party at their studio in Hollywood and, girl, everyone showed up. Ty Hunter, Beyoncé’s stylist, lots of queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race and the model Shaun Ross. These are all original Big Freedia photos covering the walls! There was other artwork there made by several artists. My favorite was the one made by this artist named Jason Mecier, who made a whole collage of me out of junk and garbage — candy wrappers, fabric softener, bottle caps — that I sent him. It was so creative.

Daniel Franzese on Big Freedia
Image: Fuse

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Big Freedia and Devon
Image: Fuse

When I returned home, Devon had cooked me a whole meal. He’s never cooked before — or since ;). I was blown away. Real talk: The food needed work, but the thought was so nice, I don’t care. That boy is so much drama, but when he’s cute, he’s so cute!

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