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Jillian Michaels ‘not allowed’ to attend parent-teacher functions anymore (VIDEO)

Everyone knows Jillian Michaels can be one tough cookie on TV, whipping people into shape, literally.

And I’ve always wondered if that tough on TV persona spills over into her in real life off-camera. Recently, she sat down on The Wendy Williams Show and dished all the details of how her competitive nature has gotten her barred from her kids’ school and how it affects her family life.

When Williams suggests Michaels is “such a girl,” the mother of two replies, “I’m the man in the household… Like, my son’s getting bullied in school. I’m like, ‘You knock that little — out! You knock him out!’ And [Heidi’s] like, ‘You can’t do that, talk it out.'”

Michaels explains why she doesn’t know any of the other parents at her kid’s school and it all stems from that same super-competitive streak. She says, “I’m not allowed to go to the parent-teacher things anymore because I said if my son gets whacked in the head one more time, I said, ‘You take that kid out, grab the chair and take him out.’ I’m not allowed to go anymore. I don’t really know the moms anymore after that. My privileges were revoked.”

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Whoa. Intense.

But she explains it isn’t just about school. Her intensity also spills over into the athletic arenas where her children compete, too. Although, you can clearly tell her intensity here is well-placed, giving her children both encouragement and drive.

She spoke about a recent horse show competition her daughter was involved in, saying, “When we were in last place I was like, ‘Sweetheart, this is all about fun. All that matters is we have a good time.’ And then when she started to win I was like, ‘Go, go Lu! Blow past them!'”

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She further explained her passionate fervor, saying, “When we’re losing, I’m extremely supportive, but when we’re winning, then I’m like, ‘Kill, go!’ Heidi is like, ‘It’s a game,’ and I’m like, ‘Life is not a game, this is serious.’ It’s a little ‘Eye of the Tiger’ never hurt anybody. It’s a competition!”

Reminds me of my father when I was growing up, and sounds like Michaels is a great parent who loves to see her children do well and wants to push them to be the best they can be, while understanding the tenuous position of a parent on the sidelines. The type of parent I know I’d like to emulate… except for maybe the whole hitting kids back with a chair — maybe we’ll tone that part down a little bit.

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