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EXCLUSIVE: Take a tour through Big Freedia’s new, gorgeous home (VIDEO)

On Big Freedia, we get a glimpse of Freedia’s new house. Is it a new start for her and Devon?

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On Wednesday’s episode of Big Freedia, she shows off her new house to her family. It’s quite a spread, which Freedia bought for herself because of how well things are going for her at the moment — she’s about to go to Los Angeles for a press tour and a photo shoot for her new book, God Save the Queen Diva!

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The palatial digs include an enormous master bedroom, a Jacuzzi, fireplaces, chandeliers, an awesome red tub and a guest room that Adam and Crystal plan on wrestling each other for. Crystal comments that the Jacuzzi is big enough for two queens, prompting Freedia to say that if things ever get better between her and Devon, he could be the other person in that tub. She says that while it seems like she and Devon are moving forward, she’s still not entirely sure where they’re at, given the drama that they’ve been through this season. Maybe the new place will be part of a new start for them? It’s definitely an exciting new beginning for Freedia.

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Be sure to watch the rest of the episode tomorrow Oct. 21 at 11/10c on Fuse and check back here for her weekly, after-show blog.

Do you love Freedia’s new house? Do you think she and Devon can patch things up and get to a better place?

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