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Paula Deen claims DWTS judges were extra hard on her

Paula Deen may not get the final dance on Dancing With the Stars, but she is making sure she had the final word on her scores.

Deen, who was eliminated this week in the competition, blames her exit on the judges‘ harsh scores.

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“They have been very hard on me since the very start,” Deen, who is known for her time as a celebrity chef on the Food Network, explained to Us Weekly. She added, “I don’t know.”

And despite her disappointment over leaving the show this week, Deen also was sure to say she was surprised to even be in the competition as long as she was.

“I figured two weeks, and I’ve been here six! So four weeks is a bonus, a pure gift,” she explained. “And I’ve made wonderful friends here that’ll last forever, and that’s worth its weight in gold, right there.”

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Deen’s pro partner, Louis Van Amstel, was sure to tell People that Deen isn’t bitter about being sent home. “She’s ready to go home,” he revealed. “She is relieved. I think we squeezed out as much as we could.”

Deen has had her fair share of ups and downs in the spotlight.

In 2013, she was accused of sexual and racial bias in the workplace after she allegedly asked middle-age black men to dress up as slaves for a wedding event.

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And again, in July 2015, she was further accused of racism after she posted a photo of her son in brownface. She quickly deleted the photo but not quickly enough that there wasn’t a huge backlash that followed.

Only time will tell if her stint on Dancing With the Stars will reinvigorate her reputation.

Do you think it’s time to move on from Paula Deen’s racist reputation?

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