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Brandi Glanville gives her son very controversial advice for his first date

What questions do you ask on a first date? What are their hobbies? Their favorite foods, oh, and whether or not they are still a virgin?

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Well, most of us wouldn’t ask that question on a first date, but Brandi Glanville thinks it’s a great starting point — for her 12-year-old son.

Glanville recently took to Twitter to inform fans that her son, Mason, was going on his first date and to help him out, she made a list of questions he should ask his date.

Among the 13 questions are “favorite color” and “favorite singer,” but then things take a sharp turn with question No. 6, which reads, “is she a virgin.”

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Glanville has been getting a lot of backlash for her tweet, which resulted in her writing a follow-up one, which reads, “If you think 12 is too young at this point in our age to ask if someone’s a virgin you’re sadly mistaken get with the f**ing times.”

The reactions from fans and critics alike range from confusion to downright disgust.

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Glanville’s interaction with Twitter users was getting heated, and she followed up with another tweet about how 12-year-olds are growing up a lot faster these days.

While there are clearly a lot of people who find the question about virginity to be inappropriate, there are also people who agree with Glanville — and she has retweeted some of their comments on her account, one of which reads:

What do you think of Brandi Glanville’s virginity question? Is she right or is she way off the mark? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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