Gilmore Girls reboot: Where did the relationships end?

Oct 20, 2015 at 2:21 a.m. ET
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Netflix has announced that it will be rebooting Gilmore Girls for a series of four 90-minute movies. Fans everywhere drank an ungodly amount of coffee, put on their cute pajamas with the cakes on them and started counting down the days to its release. True fans have several questions they want to see answered in a revival. But, just like the Gilmore girls themselves, we obsess the most over the relationships of Stars Hollow.


Kirk and Lulu

Stars Hollow's favorite weird millionaire, Kirk, was dating adorable school teacher Lulu when the series ended. Did Kirk go back and buy the Twickham house after Luke and Lorelai broke up? Did Kirk and Lulu get married? And if Kirk settled down with a wife and a family, would he also settle down with one job?


Paris and Doyle

Paris and Doyle were planning to stay together while Paris went to Harvard, with Doyle taking a newspaper job to be near her. Is there any chance that Paris and Doyle stayed together? It’s doubtful. Paris is probably working for a brilliant but flawed lawyer at a firm where they commit almost as many murders as they get acquitted, while Doyle curses the end of print journalism in a bar somewhere.

Lane and whoever she married after Zach

When we last saw Lane and Zach, they were happily married and raising their adorable twins. But marriages that happen fresh out of high school because the bride is saving herself for marriage never last. Hopefully the band stayed together and the breakup made their lyrics even better.

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Mrs. Kim and Mr. Kim

By the finale of Gilmore Girls, we had still never seen Mr. Kim. Lane often spoke of her “parents” and made it seem as if they made decisions together, but her father was never shown, nor was his absence ever explained. Wouldn’t it be cool if we finally meet Mr. Kim in the reboot and find out that he went out to get cigarettes one day and didn’t return for seven years, but no one ever mentioned it because he’s a super-reliable guy and they all assumed he’d come back eventually? Wouldn’t it be even cooler if Mr. Kim was super hot?

Logan and Logan’s dad

Logan proposed to Rory in the last episode after going to California and starting his own business. That move finally made him worthy of Rory, so it was perfect that she turned him down to pursue her own career. But knowing Logan, there’s no way he is actually a changed man. Odds are best that after Rory broke his heart, he went right back to living on Daddy’s credit card.

Taylor and power

Over the course of the series, Taylor Doose became more and more egomaniacal and took over more and more of Stars Hollow. What is his relationship to power now? Has Stars Hollow been renamed Doose Land, a corporate town he rules with an iron fist? Or did Taylor collapse with the economy and is he now relegated to being town selectman with none of the power that comes with also owning almost every business in town?

Rory and Lane

Are Rory and Lane still friends? They were already drifting apart in the final season, with Rory setting off to enter the busy world of politics and Lane busy parenting twin boys. Did they speak less and less until years went by without a phone call? Or did they keep their relationship strong?

Sookie and Jackson

Obviously, Sookie and Jackson are the greatest love story in Stars Hollow. Melissa McCarthy, I know you are super famous now, but you must join this reboot!

Madeline and Louise

We didn’t see too much of Madeline and Louise after everyone went to college, but we’re still curious: After all that making out to “impress boys,” will we finally see Madeline and Louise as the couple they truly are? Or, if those actresses aren’t available, can we see the same story line with Lucy and Olivia (aka post-Chilton Madeline and Louise)?


Rory and Jess

Dean who? Dean was a perfectly fine high school sweetheart, but no one wants to see Rory settle down with such a boring wishy-washy guy. A sexy, dark, tortured, published author, however… if Rory is dating anyone from her past, it had better be Jess. At the end of the final season, Jess was running his own publishing company in Philadelphia; come on, that is exactly what Rory would find unbelievably sexy once she was no longer tied to Logan.

Luke and Lorelai

If the television gods care about us at all, these two will have grown and matured over the years since the series finale and will finally be ready to stop being so selfish (Lorelai) and learn to communicate (Luke). We have to see them come together and be happy, but not already together when the series starts. I wouldn’t mind seeing Lorelai have a quick tryst with Max before settling down with her true love. But Christopher had better not show up anywhere!

Emily and Lorelai

Everyone talks about how Lorelai and Rory have the perfect mother-daugther relationship, but Emily and Lorelai’s relationship is the real core of the show. This story will truly be complete when they have fully forgiven each other and have become as close as Lorelai and Rory are.


Will you be bingeing the original series to prepare for the reboot?

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