Ladies of London‘s Caroline Fleming disses Marissa once her back is turned

Ladies of London‘s Marissa Hermer crammed her foot into her mouth when she commented on the age of Caroline Fleming’s boyfriend. This week, the two had an uncomfortable conversation and decided to make amends. But was it genuine?

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Caroline Fleming

This season on Ladies of London has been one fight after another, and the latest row is between Caroline Fleming and Marissa. Two weeks ago, Marissa went too far when she made some inappropriate comments about the age of Caroline’s boyfriend, and things were immediately icy between the two.

On Monday’s episode, though, after some strong-arming from Sophie Stanbury and the other women, and Caroline Fleming trying to climb out a bathroom window to avoid talking to Marissa, the two sat down to work it out in a conversation that can only be described as awkward and tense. Twitter fans had to wonder if either Caroline or Marissa was really serious about making amends.

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At the end of the episode, Fleming confessed to Stanbury that even though she accepted Marissa’s apology (which Marissa openly complained about having to give again), she’s not sure she trusts her, because for her, it went much deeper than just a tasteless comment — Marissa had actually told Caroline’s sister that she didn’t care for Caroline’s boyfriend, which wouldn’t help the fact that Caroline’s family isn’t thrilled with her for getting divorced. In an interview, Caroline described Marissa’s behavior as “unattractive, unnecessary, and unkind.” It doesn’t seem like these two have a particularly bright future as friends, which means we’re probably going to see more drama from them this season.

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Do you think Marissa’s apology to Caroline was genuine? Did Caroline have reason to be mad in the first place? Do you believe she accepts Marissa’s apology?

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