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Farrah Abraham blasted after posting daughter’s class pictures (PHOTOS)

While Farrah Abraham made headlines Monday for confirming her third breast augmentation, she was trending on Twitter for an entirely different reason.

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Abraham, who gained fame by starring on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, posted what she thought was a cute couple of her daughter Sophia’s school pictures.

“#PictureDay #SchoolPictures Sophia is so beautiful! 1st Grade Photos #MomMonday #MakeLifeBetterInAWord Blessed,” she captioned the two shots of the adorable little girl’s toothless grin in a floral-patterned dress.

But look a little closer at the photos and it looks an awful lot like Sophia has something on that most first-graders would never wear to school: makeup.

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Unless the little girl is blessed with the most perfect lashes of all time, she’s definitely wearing mascara. And closer inspection makes it look like her brows have been filled in, and her face may even be contoured with bronzer.

For little girls, playing with makeup can be a lot of fun. But for a first-grader, that means sparkly eye shadow or fruit-flavored lip gloss. The full contouring job that Sophia is rocking for picture day is more than any first-grader needs.

Followers on Twitter were quick to let Abraham know how they felt about the idea of a girl as young as Sophia wearing so much makeup — and they made some good points.

“Makeup is NOT for little girls, WTF are you teaching her? She is beautiful,” one Twitter user commented. Another replied, “It’s kind of like saying you don’t think your child is that pretty so you’re gonna put makeup on them.” Still another chimed in, “Why in the world would you put makeup on her? She’s a child. You are going to give her serious lack of self-esteem issues.”

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Do you agree with Twitter users who say Abraham needs to lay off the makeup for her little girl? Or do you think makeup on picture day is just harmless fun, even for a first-grader? Head down to the comments to sound off.

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