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Jill & Jessa Duggar break down over Josh’s scandal for the first time

Jill and Jessa Duggar finally reveal what the aftermath of their brother Josh’s multiple sex scandals has done to their family — and it’s pretty heavy.

In a preview of the sisters’ upcoming series of specials on TLC, Counting On, obtained by People, Jill and Jessa get emotional while discussing the impact of both the molestation scandal and the revelation that Josh cheated on his wife, Anna, with multiple women.

“I still cry — a lot,” Jill said through tears. “The whole world was shocked. You’re angry and hurt and all those emotions all mixed together.”

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For Jessa, the timing of the Ashley Madison leak that revealed the depths of Josh’s sexual addiction could not have been worse. “Here I am, the most joyful time of my life, newly married, baby on the way and then… we were devastated,” she said. “Like, we couldn’t believe it. You have to wonder, how did this happen?”

The sisters’ special will air in December, despite the cancelation of the Duggar family’s cash cow, 19 Kids and Counting. It will follow their new lives outside of their parents’ home, with Jill and her husband Derick taking their infant son Israel on a church trip to El Salvador and Jessa experiencing her first pregnancy while settling into her new marriage.

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The pair contends that, despite the family’s obvious issues, they are still standing strong.

“We will come out of this fire stronger as a family unit,” Jill said.

While Jill and Jessa have been filming their specials, the other members of the family directly affected by the scandals are busy, too. Josh is reportedly in a faith-based rehab center, while his wife, Anna, is said to be holed up at her mother’s house in Florida. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar just announced they are attending a marriage therapy retreat to ease some of the burdens their son’s troubles have placed on their relationship.

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