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Beyoncé’s strange new magazine shoot sparks pregnancy rumors (PHOTOS)

Queen Beyoncé is proving that she can, in fact, elevate anything she touches.

Beat magazine has Beyoncé gracing its cover in a patriotic-inspired image of her wearing a red and white-striped bathing suit with an American flag waving behind her.

The British magazine, which published its first edition in the winter of 2010 and covers music and videos, will most certainly shoot out of obscurity and into the spotlight by landing one of the biggest stars in the world for its cover, as well as scoring a full interview (her first in years). The magazine even jokes about how she makes them cooler, saying, “She sneezed on the Beat and the Beat got sicker.” And along with her comes instant access to Queen Bey’s millions of followers across social media.

And while the cover art is beautiful, when the publication released the other photos from the shoot — shot by Ryan McGinley in the Hamptons — things got slightly confusing and hilarious.

This is the shot that made the cover.

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There are several more shots featuring Beyoncé and the American flag, as well as a lovely shot of her sitting in a field.

And then… one of her with a chicken.

Yes, a chicken. Beatrice the chicken, to be exact.

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A lovely photo, but so damn confusing.

The Internet swiftly jumped into action, starting up the rumor mill by trying to figure out the meaning behind the photo, as well as simply making hilarious comments about said chicken.

My favorites are the leap folks are making between the chicken and Beyoncé being pregnant. One tweeter said the chicken came from the egg which was a euphemism for being pregnant. (Chicken = egg = pregnant. Get it?)

Most fans just think it is further proof that Beyoncé can do no wrong, elevating even a barnyard animal to celebrity status. One person commenting on Facebook said, “She’s posing with a goddamn chicken and it’s still 100% serious haute couture fashion.”

For real.

But every one is in agreement — they want to know what the deal is with Beyoncé and the chicken.

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