Our Little Family gets ready to go to... China? (VIDEO)

Oct 19, 2015 at 4:43 p.m. ET

When Michelle Hamill asks Jack, CeCe and Cate where they think they are going, the responses she gets are hilarious.

On this week's season finale of Our Little Family, the Hamills prepare to go on a family vacation to New York City. When Michelle asks the kids where they think they are going, the first response is, strangely, Canada. If you think that is weird, the second guess is China. Wonder where they get those ideas from?

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Finally, Jack guesses correctly: New York City. Michelle explains to the kids that it is big and crowded, so they have to keep close to their parents and listen well to all instructions. The kids are excited and run off to pack.

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The rest of the preview continues to amuse viewers as Michelle lets the kids pack what they want to bring and Dan walks in to see all the commotion. Cate has to bring her dolls, CeCe must bring her jewelry and Jack has to bring a pirate ship that is almost as big as he is. Michelle draws the line at the pirate ship since it won't fit in a suitcase.

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As always, the kids steal the show during their couch interviews when Jack thinks hard about what he is going to bring to New York and CeCe insists that she needs to bring her "bling."

This preview is full of funny moments. Watch it and let us know what the funniest thing is that the kids think they need to take to New York.

Will the Hamill family survive their trip to the Big Apple? Watch the season finale on TLC, Tuesday night at 10/9c, to see how the trip goes.