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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar go on marriage-focused vacation

Now that the Josh Duggar scandals seem to be winding down, hopefully for good, the Duggars are taking time to regroup and focus on family.

According to Radar Online, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar spent the weekend at a marriage retreat in Arkansas.

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The two weren’t just attending for themselves but were also honored speakers at the camp.

“We are having a special time at the marriage retreat in Saint Paul, Arkansas on the edge of the Ozark National Forest!” the Duggar parents wrote. “Beautiful place, beautiful people, beautiful truths!”

According to the Fort Rock website, the couples worked on team-building activities while “rekindling, reviving and renewing” their marriages. The pairs stayed in private cabins and were led throughout the weekend by evangelical pastor S.M. Davis.

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Michelle has been vocal about the importance of constantly working on your marriage.

She recently penned a controversial blog post on the Duggar family website with three huge suggestions for marriage: be available, talk about disagreements privately and, most poignant for the retreat news, get marriage advice when you need it.

“Through the years as we have gone to marriage retreats, Jim Bob and I have tried to take time out as a couple to listen to messages from other couples that have either learned from their mistakes or from others with the Christian perspective that we share,” Michelle wrote. “Even if you can’t afford to get away for the weekend, that’s fine. In our early days, we’d often plan a romantic dinner and listen to readings together and have grandma babysit. It would strengthen our relationship.”

She added, “Jim Bob and I say we have the best love life ever because we’re so experienced now, but we are also still learning about each other and it’s just great.”

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So while it doesn’t seem the Duggars are having a “marriage crisis” as Radar Online suggests, they are taking that time for themselves amid the stress of the reality TV world.

Do you think Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s marriage could be on the rocks?

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