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Why Blood & Oil‘s father/son love triangle is getting even more disturbing

Each week on Blood & Oil, I seem to like Wick more and more and Hap less and less, which makes Jules’ position even more awkward on the show.

As if her sleeping with a father and his son isn’t already enough to give you the heebie-jeebies, it seems that Jules actually genuinely loves them both. It’s so wrong.

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At the beginning of the episode, she seemed intent on picking Hap. She was whining about becoming his mistress and wanted to be able to see him in public, which Hap was clearly against. And she put on her pouty face until he gave her a ton of diamonds as an early birthday present, effectively dropping the conversation and getting him laid.

On the other hand, Wick is thoughtfully trying to give Jules a birthday party worthy of her, and he succeeds. But it isn’t the lavish guests and cake that make him the winner of our hearts in tonight’s episode. Rather, he gives Jules a heart-twisting birthday speech about his desire to be worthy of her, further proving himself to be a man who is coming into his own. He is appreciative of Jules and seems to really care about her, so the natural inclination is to think that he should, ultimately, get the girl.

But this isn’t a fairy tale, people.

In this case, Wick deserves the girl, but she doesn’t deserve him.

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Realistically, Wick will actually probably end up outgrowing Jules. As he should. Because if she’s OK toying with two men at once, especially a father and son, then she deserves Hap and the mistress title that seems to already be threatening to haunt her.

Plus, this is not a secret that stays hidden. At some point, Wick is going to discover that his father is sleeping with his girlfriend. And it will most likely be right in time for Hap to discover that Wick was behind the oil rig crime.

Our heads will probably explode with all the drama.

In the end, it seems that Jules is won over by Wick’s speech just like the rest of us. She leaves the diamonds behind at Hap’s house, signaling the end of her relationship with him. But there’s nothing like a love lost to get a man to fight. If we’ve learned anything about Hap so far on the show, it’s that he’s not one to easily give up.

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He won’t just let Jules slip from his fingers, especially when he’s made it clear that he thinks Wick is unworthy at his current state in life. He practically had that exact conversation with his daughter, Lacey, tonight while convincing her to learn business by his side.

And while it would be perfect to see Wick learn of Jules’ schemes and dump her, that seems like it’s still a long way off. After all, what’s a Sunday night soapy drama without a disturbing and creepy love triangle or two?

Who do you think Jules should end up with in the end?

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