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3 Signs Manzo’d with Children is heading toward a huge confrontation

Tonight’s episode of Manzo’d with Children was chock full of petty bickering, but next week, the fighting might not be so petty. The following three signs indicate that a big showdown involving Chris, Lauren or Vito is on the way.

1. Lauren is sick of hearing about babies

Lauren is definitely not ready to have a kid right now, but her mom disagrees. The constant pestering from Caroline is bad enough, but now Vito’s mom has also joined in on the fun. The two awkwardly shopped for baby blankets while Lauren was with them, leaving Lauren feeling very unhappy about the moms’ lack of respect for her future plans. Eventually, she was forced to ditch the store and head for a wine bar. If her mother and mother-in-law continue to obsess about their future grandchildren, they could very well incite a full-on meltdown

Lauren Manzo
Image: Bravo

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2. Chris is sick of hearing about settling down

If there was one thing going in Lauren’s favor, it’s that she was not the sole focus of Caroline’s constant pestering. Chris also got an earful from his mom, as she was just as insistent about him settling down with a nice girl as she was about Lauren popping out a baby. Like Lauren, Chris does not appreciate Caroline meddling in his private affairs. He’s made his stance on marriage clear, but if people keep bugging him, he just might snap.

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Twitter users empathize with Chris’ desire to avoid settling down. Several claimed to have faced the same pressure in their own lives, while others lashed out at Caroline for once again being way too pushy.

3. Vito wants to open up his own deli — and his dad might not like the idea

Believe it or not, some of the drama on Manzo’d with Children is entirely unrelated to Caroline’s desire for in-laws and grandchildren. A big fight between Vito and his dad could be in the show’s future. During tonight’s episode, Vito admitted that he would love to launch his own deli. Unfortunately, this could be a huge problem for his father, who does not want to deal with another source of business competition. Previews for next week indicate that Vito will finally come clean about his big plans for the future, but nobody really expects his dad to take well to this news.

Caroline and Vito's Mom
Image: Bravo

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Spinoffs such as Manzo’d with Children rarely have Real Housewives-style feuds, but if the tension from tonight’s episode boils over next week, a huge fight could ensue.

Do you think a big confrontation is on the way for Manzo’d with Children? Comment and share your opinion below.

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