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RHONJ fans irked by Melissa Gorga’s excessive screen time

Fans of Bravo’s tear-jerking special RHONJ: Teresa Checks In are starting to grow tired of Melissa Gorga’s mug.

Apparently when Melissa Gorga said that she was on display each and every day, it was more of a warning than anything else. It was a warning to unsuspecting fans — who were tuning in to see Joe Giudice raise his four girls as his wife, Teresa, finishes out the last months of her prison sentence — that each and every Sunday, she’d be there, spray tan, glitter and all.

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At first, it was endearing, seeing Melissa step up to the plate, taking the girls out for a spa day. Then, it got a little awkward watching her tear up talking to the cameras about how she’d do anything for her nieces and that she’s reached out to Teresa in prison, but has yet to see or hear from her. In fact, she hasn’t even been added to Tre’s group email list. Ouch!

In her mother’s defense, Gia explained that those things aren’t as easy as they may sound, and the process can be lengthy.

But it wasn’t long before fans started noticing that Melissa and her tears were showing up quite often throughout the episode. She even managed to extend her screen time by inviting her family to Joe and Teresa’s shore house for the Fourth of July.

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Melissa Gorga
Image: Bravo

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With many legal bills to pay and the possibility of deportation in the future for Joe, it was likely the girls’ last summer at their own spot on the shore  — a thought that saddened their Uncle Joe. But he did point out that the girls would always be welcomed at his vacation house.

It’s no secret at all that Teresa and Melissa’s relationship hasn’t been the best over the years. But while Melissa seems to have put everything in the past in light of Joe and Teresa’s troubles, Giudice, on the other hand, appears to be holding on to something.

Is Tre just as peeved as fans are about Melissa making money off of her prison sentence?

She’s been able to manage just about everything around her household from behind bars, does her best to keep her man satisfied and is penning a book (in which we find out that Teresa, of all people, is the one breaking up fights). But one thing Mrs. Giudice hasn’t been able to do is mask her feelings toward her sister-in-law. Maybe Melissa is the motivation behind all of her meditating in prison.

It’s just a matter of months before she’s reunited with her family again, only to have to say goodbye to her husband, Joe, as he begins his three-year sentence. And while no one wants to admit to rooting for drama, some are already begging Bravo to keep the cameras rolling when Teresa comes home, just to see how involved Melissa is then — and to hear exactly what Tre has to say about it.

Do you think Melissa Gorga is being truly genuine on RHONJ: Teresa Checks In?

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