The Walking Dead: Enid didn't honk the horn, but did she do something worse?

Oct 19, 2015 at 12:42 a.m. ET
Image: AMC

Tonight, fans of The Walking Dead have two things to be grateful for — that we didn't have to listen to that infernal horn all episode long, and that this episode was even better than the last. Not to mention it may have given us some seriously shady intel on Carl's crush, Enid.

The episode starts with Enid's backstory, which, admittedly, we've been curious about. Thus far, all we've known about her is that she came to Alexandria about eight months before Rick's crew and that she was so traumatized she barely spoke upon arrival. Still, tonight's lengthy intro about Enid seemed inexplicable at first. It was interesting to see how she lost her parents and subsequently came to Alexandria alone.

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But given that she is prone to taking mysterious field trips beyond Alexandria's walls, a rumor has been brewing that little Enid is a spy for the Wolves — and tonight offered some compelling evidence to that end. In her defense, though, she was not the one honking that damn horn, despite being voted most likely to be responsible in our poll last week. Obviously, she's giving some fans a weird vibe.


With that in mind, let's delve into how tonight's episode suggests that Enid has, in fact, been a bit of a double agent.

1. The timing of her exit is suspect

One of the first times we see Enid this episode in the present, she is hugging Ron. Since we are seeing this through the lens of Carl, it can almost be mistaken as a simple moment of teen romance. However, after her convo with Carl (more on that in a bit), it becomes clear she was saying goodbye to Ron... just before the Wolves arrived. Hmm.

2. She is alarmingly composed when all hell breaks loose

So when the Wolves storm Alexandria and start slicing people apart in the streets (gross, I know), Enid betrays little to no emotion when she shows up at Carl's door. Would she really be that calm? It could be argued that she is that composed due to her time in the woods alone, but it just feels... off. Which leads us to our next point....

3. What she brings to Carl is a head-scratcher

When Carl makes a comment about knocking before coming in, Enid simply holds up the keys to the kingdom — literally every single key to Alexandria — and casually remarks that she didn't want "them" to get the keys. First of all, why does she even have that many keys? On tonight's episode of The Talking Dead, Katelyn Nacon (who plays Enid) said it's because Enid never felt Alexandria could last. I'm not buying it, though. Why would she be so cavalier about "them"?

4. Her conversation with Carl is basically a confession

Enid tells Carl that she is there to say goodbye, but he makes her sit with him to help protect Judith. And that's when Enid confesses. Or she would have, at least, if Carl hadn't cut her off. "This place is too big to protect. There are too many blind spots... it's too big. There are too many weak spots. That's how we... " she starts, before Carl tells her not to say goodbye. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up a hot minute. Who is "we"? What other interpretation is there here than that Enid is admitting she was in some way colluding with the Wolves to infiltrate Alexandria?

5. The note she leaves behind could be a coded mea culpa

In the opening sequence, one detail proved equal parts perplexing and fascinating — the way Enid kept tracing three letters "J-S-S" everywhere she went. I mean, for goodness' sake, she even formed the letters using bones from a tortoise she killed and devoured. Then, at the very end of the episode, Carl returns to the house, and in the absence of Enid, finds a note she left. "Just survive somehow," it reads. So now we know what the letters meant, only they were more than letters to Enid. They were basically a life mantra. In leaving those words for Carl, though, it's entirely possible Enid knows Carl will eventually realize her connection to the Wolves (if he hasn't already), and she simply wants him to understand she was doing that which was necessary to ensure her survival.

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