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Once Upon a Time: 9 Times Arthur was even more evil than the Dark One

Last week’s episode of Once Upon a Time teased that the noble King Arthur might be hanging on the dark side, rather than the light side. Well, Sunday’s newest episode, titled “The Broken Kingdom,” proved that Emma isn’t the only character embracing the darkness in Season 5. Basically, King Arthur might be even more evil than the Dark One.

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Most of the episode took place in Camelot, where fans were shown the true Arthur, his obsession with making Excalibur whole, the deep-rooted issues with his marriage, among many, many other evil-like qualities. With that said, here are nine times Arthur proved that Emma isn’t the only villain that Charming, Snow, Regina, Hook and everyone else in Storybrooke needs to worry about. Who would’ve thought that the heroic King Arthur would turn out to be so evil and a loathed character?

1. When he used the sands of Avalon on Guinevere

The sands of Avalon aren’t as beautiful as they sound. Arthur used the magical sands (they can make something broken appear whole again) on Guinevere, who received them from Rumple/the Dark One. This way, Guinevere wouldn’t leave Arthur, and he could make his marriage, his kingdom and Camelot follow his rule. Way to use a spell on your wife and your kingdom all for your own gain, Arthur. With that said, how long does this magic last? Plus, magic always comes with a price.

2. When he was a horrible husband

His obsession with finding the dagger to make Excalibur whole definitely proved to be his greatest weakness, just as Guinevere said it would. Not only did he treat Guinevere horribly by pushing her away and into the arms of Lancelot, but he has his wife under a spell and helping him do his dirty work. Not cool, Arthur.

3. When all the power went to his head

Ever since Arthur was a poor little boy and Merlin told him he would become king, rule Camelot and pull the sword from the stone, he made it his life’s mission to make sure it all came true. Well, that power went to his head, and now he’s destined to become the “greatest king of all realms.”

4. When he threatened to kill Merlin

During his big speech to Snow and Lancelot about his plans for Excalibur to snuff out the darkness, he also mentioned that Excalibur will be the last thing Merlin sees before Arthur “runs him through.” So Arthur wants to kill Merlin. Maybe it’s a good thing if Merlin stays trapped in that tree for a bit longer.

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5. When he threw Lancelot in the dungeon

Despite Lancelot being the good guy and Guinevere’s true love (or so it seems), Arthur threw him in the dungeon. If that isn’t bad enough, he had Guinevere help him do it. Luckily, Lancelot quickly realized that Guinevere was under the spell of the sands of Avalon. Here’s hoping he can escape and save the day.

6. When he used magic on Charming and Snow

Arthur didn’t like Snow and Charming working with Lancelot, so he had Guinevere use the sands of Avalon on the beloved couple. Thanks to the magic, they’re now working with him and are going to do whatever it takes to give Arthur the dagger. Let’s hope Regina catches on and becomes the true savior that she says she is.

7. When he captured Merida

While in the dungeon, Lancelot made a new friend, Merida. That’s right, Merida is in Arthur’s dungeon. For what? That wasn’t revealed, but I have a feeling Arthur might have something to do with Merida’s brothers being kidnapped. Whatever the case, Merida is fine with working alongside Lancelot. As she told him, “an enemy of King Arthur is probably a friend of mine.”

8. When he poisoned his knight

In last week’s episode, Arthur persuaded one of his knights to poison himself in the name of Camelot. This way, Arthur can keep his deep, dark secrets to himself.

9. When he vowed to overtake Storybrooke
Remember in last Sunday’s episode when Arthur showed his true colors and vowed to turn Storybrooke into his new Camelot? Yeah, Arthur don’t you dare mess with this beloved town.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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