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Sister Wives: Did Meri give the other wives an STD?

You wouldn’t think it was possible for things to get worse for Meri Brown. On Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, though, we learned she’s dealing with some scary health issues. However, it won’t stop Robyn from making a big announcement.

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With all of the drama in the Brown family, it’s not hard to imagine the stress taking a toll on one’s health. In Meri’s case, she’s lost 30 pounds in the past six weeks and has been having abdominal pain. When she visits the doctor, she learns it might be cervical cancer, and she needs to undergo further tests. It’s worth noting that virtually all cases of cervical cancer are caused by HPV, which can be transmitted through sex, and women who have sex with men who have other partners simultaneously are considered high risk. In other words, if Meri has HPV, it’s possible that the other wives have it as well.

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Of course, there’s more going on with the Browns — Robyn’s pregnant, and she asks Meri to make the announcement to the family. Twitter, predictably, was aghast.

Robyn’s pregnancy takes front and center after the announcement, especially when the rest of the kids aren’t so excited about it. Fans of the show have been watching Robyn and Kody closely, looking for all signs that she’s the favorite wife. It’s getting harder and harder to disprove that, especially when Kody goes to Robyn’s prenatal checkup and not Meri’s follow-up doctor’s appointment.

We know there’s more going on for Meri that isn’t being discussed on the show, so to say that it’s overwhelming to be her right now (and probably all the time) would be an understatement. It will be interesting to see how she and the family manage the emotional chaos going forward this season.

What do you think about Robyn asking Meri to make her pregnancy announcement? Is Meri being a doormat, or is she just trying to help her family? Why did Kody go to Robyn’s appointment and not Meri’s?

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