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Gia Giudice was never supposed to know about her mom’s ‘prison shakedown’

Teresa Giudice is almost finished with her prison sentence.

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But her time behind bars hasn’t been easy, as shown on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In.

An extended version of a clip shown on last Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live centers around when Teresa told her husband, Joe Giudice, about her scary-sounding shakedown at the federal penitentiary she’s been in since January. In the clip, Joe is on the phone with his wife when she tells him, “Go in the other room. I don’t want the girls to hear this.”

Earlier this summer, Teresa asked her daughter, Gia Giudice, to tweet from her Twitter account, thanking fans for their support. We’ve now learned that that tweet led to what Teresa called a “shakedown” at the prison.

“Our room got shaken down,” she says on the phone with Joe. “I guess they were looking for a cell phone or something.”

She continues, “They’re so invading. Like, you have to bend down and cough.”

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Joe later tells the camera, “I never thought my wife would be getting a shakedown. That definitely makes me upset thinking my poor wife has to go through this bullshit in there.”

While the prison search was obviously a scary situation, Teresa is far more concerned with how the news might affect Gia.

“I don’t want her to think that she did anything wrong,” she said. “She didn’t do anything wrong. She did what I told her. I asked her to do it.”

Teresa is scheduled to be released from prison in time to spend Christmas back with her family, but as soon as she gets out, Joe goes in to complete his own sentence. Both were sentenced to 15 months for fraud and conspiracy charges, but were allowed to serve their sentences at different times so one could stay home with their children.

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