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4 Reasons why Step it Up fans love Diaunte

Traci Young-Byron may be the star of Step it Up, but the dancers she teaches are just as intriguing. Fans are especially fond of Diaunte, who has captured their admiration with the following four traits:

1. He’s not perfect.

Traci may demand perfect technique, but fans of Lifetime dance shows typically prefer to root for the underdog. On Dance Moms, this love of the underdog has played a huge role in Nia’s and Chloe’s popularity among fans. On Step it Up, the beloved underdog is Diaunte.

Diaunte's audition
Image: Lifetime

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2. He works hard.

Hard work is every bit as important as raw talent, and while Diaunte may struggle with triple pirouettes, that won’t always be the case. During tonight’s episode of Step it Up, he worked on his turns outside of practice and even asked another dancer to provide the personalized critiques needed to take his technique to the next level.

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3. He’s a great student.

Many of the dancers featured on Step it Up are even more impressive in the classroom than they are in the dance studio. This is certainly the case for Diaunte. His exceptional work ethic has paid dividends, allowing him to maintain a very impressive grade point average.

Diaunte on Step it Up
Image: Lifetime

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4. He leaves it all on the dance floor.

An incredibly energetic performer, Diaunte fits the cliché about leaving it on the dance floor to a T. But during the audition featured on the latest episode of Step it Up, he left more than his passion for the performing arts on the dance floor — he also left a whole lot of gas. Poor Diaunte farted while giving it his all, and while this resulted in a very awkward audition, it also made fans love him even more. Several Twitter users applauded his audition — farts and all — and encouraged him to keep dancing his heart out.

Step it Up‘s focus on dancers (and lack of parent-based drama) is very refreshing, as it gives viewers the opportunity to learn more about such talented and likable individuals as Diaunte. An inspiring young man with a stellar work ethic, Diaunte is sure to go far in dance or any other profession he chooses to pursue.

What did you think of Diaunte’s audition on Step it Up? Is he the show’s most relatable dancer? Comment and share your opinion below.

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