Shark Tank's male investors confess to having hygiene problems

Oct 17, 2015 at 12:34 a.m. ET
Image: ABC

Between EZPeeZ and Dude Wipes, hygiene was clearly the focus during tonight's episode of Shark Tank. When confronted with Dude Wipes, the ordinarily astute Sharks made a very baffling decision — one that has some fans thinking that they might struggle with hygiene issues.

The recent trend of repackaging ordinary products and marketing them as "manly" has officially reached Shark Tank, where it has achieved a reception far more positive than viewers ever could have anticipated. The concept of Dude Wipes — referred to on Shark Tank as "a more civilized way to handle your daily business" — elicited a lot of skepticism on Twitter, but the Sharks were surprisingly intrigued.

Dude Wipes team
Image: ABC

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The success of the Dudes' pitch may have resulted, in part, from their sheer confidence. These guys were not at all embarrassed about the fact that they were essentially peddling butt wipes for stinky men. Instead, they acted as if their wipes were the Dudes' gift to God. The corny, yet confident pitch elicited smiles from several Sharks, who clearly appreciated the break from the usual stammering of nervous entrepreneurs.

Dude Wipes
Image: ABC

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There is something to be said for an entertaining pitch, but ultimately, the product offered by the Dudes was not all that impressive. Barbara Corcoran observed that the wipes were too fragile to compete against leading baby wipes — and that they were definitely not enough to stand up to the use of her husband or any other big dude.


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A few of the more skeptical Sharks changed their tune after they realized that the Dudes landed a huge contract with Kroger. But even this tidbit was not enough to convince Twitter users that the Dude Wipes were worth the investment of Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary or Robert Herjavec. All three expressed interest in the product, ignoring Corcoran's repeated comments regarding the similarity of this product to baby wipes, as well as its much higher price tag. The disbelief among Shark Tank fans continued to grow, especially when Cuban landed a deal with the Dudes.


The Dude Wipes are just ridiculous enough that they could prove profitable, but they remain among the least impressive of the products featured on the latest episode of Shark Tank. And that's saying something, because the episode also featured the EZPeeZ toilet seat. Hopefully, next week's episode will leave the bathroom and return to the boardroom.

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