Farrah Abraham's haters put her on blast for being ugly on the inside (PHOTO)

Oct 16, 2015 at 11:25 a.m. ET
Image: DJDM/WENN.com

Farrah Abraham has made a lot of controversial career moves (including her porn debut and her sex toy range) and while she still has many fans, she also has her fair share of critics — as evidenced by the recent comments on her Instagram account.

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On Thursday, Abraham took to Instagram to share a picture of herself, which she captioned, "@topshop #FashionablyFarrah #FarrahTellAll." But the backlash has been pretty harsh, for no obvious reason.


alasphyxiated and jrussell2730 slammed Abraham for being "scum" and a "whore."

While other critics shared their thoughts on Abraham's cosmetic work.

"I wish you'd stop trying so hard, you are aging yourself way beyond your years. I'm not throwing shade I just don't think you need plastic surgery," jabbnjmarie wrote.

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mhjellm agreed, writing, "I love that she thinks all that 'work' keeps her looking young, when instead of looking in her early 20's she looks closer to pushin' 40."

Other critics didn't blast Abraham's looks, but rather her personality.

"Not so beautiful on the inside," chazandsophiaforeverx said.

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Another critic, ariidromero, was particularly harsh, writing, "I would say that you're beautiful but I can't because you're a f***in' heartless bitch and you have no respect for your family! The only people that will be there for you ALWAYS no matter what. Your mom should slap the shit out of you including those implants you have in your lips! I really hope your daughter treats you like shit, payback!" Yikes.

It's no secret that Abraham has made her fair share of enemies because of her outspoken ways and controversial antics, but the comments are for no obvious reason and seem incredibly unfair.

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