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Lady Gaga makes honest and deeply moving confession about depression

Lady Gaga is one of the world’s most popular pop stars, but she is also human and her life is far from perfect.

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During a recent interview with Billboard magazine, the “Born This Way” hit maker revealed she’s struggled with depression and anxiety her whole life, and she feels the rapid evolution of technology may be to blame for so many kids feeling this way, too.

“There is something in the way that we are now, with our cell phones and people are not looking at each other and not being in the moment with each other, that kids feel isolated,” she told the publication. “They read all of this extremely hateful language on the Internet. The Internet is a toilet. It is. It used to be a fantastic resource — but you have to sort through shit to find the good stuff.”

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Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, may be in a good place in her life right now: She’s been producing music she’s really passionate about and has found the man of her dreams, Taylor Kinney, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t still suffering.

“I’ve suffered through depression and anxiety my entire life, I still suffer with it every single day,” she confessed. “I just want these kids to know that that depth that they feel as human beings is normal. We were born that way. This modern thing, where everyone is feeling shallow and less connected? That’s not human.”

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We applaud Gaga for being so brave and opening up about her struggles while encouraging others in similar situations to do the same. It’s also fantastic that she can share her personal trials and tribulations in a bid to raise awareness for mental illness.

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