Don’t Be Tardy fans aren’t happy with Brielle’s future plans

Brielle Biermann’s future remains uncertain and a subject of great concern for worried stepdad Kroy. Kim Zolciak seems to think that she can carve out a promising future for her daughter with the help of her many industry connections, but Kroy isn’t so sure.

It’s no secret that Brielle is spoiled and completely clueless about how the real world works, but until now, fans did not realize just how dead set she is against academic achievement. She made her disdain for higher education very obvious during tonight’s episode of Don’t Be Tardy. Her insistence on skipping college actually caused quite a bit of drama between Kim and Kroy, with the stepdad claiming that what Brielle really needs is “something that can get [her] some tangible experience in life.” In his opinion, the best avenue to acquiring said experience is college. Kim, on the other hand, thinks that, in Brielle’s chosen industry, “It’s all about who you know.”

Kroy Biermann
Image: Bravo

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If there’s one argument against Brielle attending college, it’s that she’s already proven that she’s a terrible student. Although student loan debt is certainly not something the reality star has to worry about (Kim would obviously foot the bill for college tuition and any related expenses that may arise), it still could be a complete waste of time for her to attend, as she’d be likely to skip classes and avoid studying at all costs.

Kim Zolciak
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Twitter users largely agree with Kroy’s stance on education and job training. Several called out Kim for being — as always — way too lenient of a parent. Others claimed that her husband simply wanted to prepare Brielle for the real world, which is far more competitive than the naive teen realizes.

Brielle, although often annoying, can almost be forgiven for acting like college and work training is no big deal. After all, she’s been raised to believe that academic achievement isn’t all that important. Kim, on the other hand, is less innocent. The reality star’s celebrity connections are not nearly enough to guarantee her daughter a promising future. Kim needs to listen to her husband and encourage Brielle to pursue college or, at a minimum, some type of post-secondary training. The Bravo gravy train will eventually come to a halt and, when it does, Brielle will need marketable skills.

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