Heroes Reborn: 7 Theories that tie Tommy back to the original Heroes series

Oct 15, 2015 at 10:35 p.m. ET
Image: Ian Watson/NBC

After Thursday's Heroes Reborn episode, it looks like there might be a major connection to the original Heroes series. Really, how could there not be? Even with characters from the original series popping up, it was destined that at least one of the new Heroes would somehow be related and/or have a connection to one of the originals.

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Well, that's exactly what seems to be happening. Not only was it revealed that Tommy's name isn't truly Tommy Clark, but Anne Clark isn't his birth mom. That's right; Tommy was adopted, which means the identities of his biological parents remain unknown — for now. However, there was one clue given that kind of points fans in the direction of a few characters from Heroes that were all related: Nathan, Peter and Claire.

While confronting Anne about who he really is, she uttered the name "Nathan." Say what now? Is that his real name? Is he related to Nathan Petrelli somehow? Details and answers are scarce, but there's no doubt Tommy is connected to the original series. With that said, here are a few theories tying Tommy to Heroes.

1. Claire is his mom


There are many who think Claire is Tommy's mom. Don't ask me about the logistics and technicalities, like when she got pregnant and who is the father, because that might make all of our heads ache. However, seeing as Penny Man and Anne told Tommy it is his destiny to "help save the world," well that pretty much ties him to Claire, right? Remember on Heroes the saying, "Save the cheerleader, save the world"? Yeah, there seems to be a whole new meaning to that now, thanks to Tommy. Also, some fans even believe that's part of the reason Noah had his memory erased. Erica did tell Noah that they (whoever that entails) were all trying to protect a person. Hmm... did Noah want to protect his grandson?

2. Nathan is his dad


So, Anne said the name "Nathan," which means Tommy could be Nathan's son, which also means he is Claire's brother and Peter's nephew. Anyways, Nathan had two sons named Simon and Monty, so maybe he's one of them?

3. His father is Peter


It seems more likely that Peter is Tommy's father, rather than Nathan. Why? Well, Anne told Tommy that she was afraid he'd try to save his dad and she couldn't lose them both, which makes it sound like his dad is still alive, right? Well, Nathan died during the final series of Heroes. If he is Peter's, then maybe Peter named Tommy after his brother, whom he loved immensely. Also, the timeline might not match up (just like with Claire), seeing as Tommy is a teen, but there's a good chance Peter got someone pregnant and she never told him about his son. Or, even better, maybe Tommy teleported from the future to save the world and his parents.

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4. He is Matt Parkman's son, Matt

Matt Parkman had a son named Matt. Once again, the timeline regarding Tommy's age doesn't match up, but it's Heroes Reborn and anything can happen. However, I wouldn't put money on this theory, because Matt's son had the ability to reactivate and deactivate mechanical systems and technology, like televisions and vehicles. Tommy teleports, so, yeah.

5. He's connected to Sylar somehow


Who knows? There could easily be a connection to Sylar, which would be a great plot twist. On Heroes, Sylar did have a son in the future, so who knows.

6. Tracy Strauss is his mom


Tracy (the other character Ali Larter played) and Nathan were in a relationship, so maybe she got pregnant and gave Tommy up for adoption. This would also — to some degree — make sense of Anne's mention of "Nathan." Maybe Tracy named her son after Nathan before giving him away?

7. There's the baby connection


Claire was first given to the Bennet family as a baby. Erica and her minions keep mentioning a "baby." Maybe Tommy is the baby? Also, there's always the chance that Anne adopted Tommy like Noah adopted Claire — to protect him.

Heroes Reborn airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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