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Project Runway‘s avant-garde looks were stunning (PHOTOS)

This season’s Project Runway has been a long, strange trip. Now that we’re closing in on Fashion Week, it’s up to the remaining designers to really bring it, and in this week’s avant-garde challenge, they did.

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The challenge to the designers this week was to create an avante-garde look inspired by a New York City bridge, with the option to create 3-D textiles.

Image: Lifetime

Candice’s look this week wasn’t black (for once!) and the judges agreed that she made the best use of the 3-D appliqués. In terms of avant-garde, it’s not, and it’s hard to find the bridge inspiration in it, but guest judge Mel B. (yes, the Mel B. of the Spice Girls) decided to wear it at a future event.

Image: Lifetime

Ashley added the cape to her look at the last minute and the judges thought it was great, although they were confused by the appliqués on the shoulders (what are they?). They also loved the two pieces, especially the sheer pants.

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Image: Lifetime

Edmond’s dramatic look was a hit for both Heidi and Mel B., who said they wanted to wear it. Zac wasn’t crazy about the use of appliqué and Nina felt it wasn’t avant-garde enough.

Image: Lifetime

Although it was a great runway show, someone had to go home — and this week, that someone was Merline. The judges kept comparing her dress to one from last season and they felt it wasn’t unique, even though the appliqué use was the best.

Image: Lifetime

Kelly was the winner this week for the second challenge in a row. The judges weren’t sure about it at first — there wasn’t any appliqué use and it’s definitely not wearable by anyone you know, but it’s definitely avant-garde.

What did you think of the avant-garde runway? Did the judges make the right decision in picking Kelly as the winner and sending Merline home?

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Project Runway Fashion Week slideshow

Image: Malike Sidibe/SheKnows

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