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8 Times Jessa Duggar practically campaigned for her own spinoff (PHOTOS)

The proverbial fork has officially been stuck in TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, but, fans, take heart, because the Duggar family isn’t done with reality TV yet.

While it seems that the core Duggars have proven to be a little too controversial for non-premium cable, the older kids who have gotten married and have moved on to raising their own families still have the wholesome, yet entertaining, appeal that grew the original 19 Kids and Counting fan base.

New parents Jill and Derick Dillard certainly aren’t out of the running for their own show, but it appears that Jill and Ben Seewald, who currently have a bun in the oven, might be a shoo-in to be handed the Duggar family reality TV torch.

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The Seewalds haven’t come straight out and said they want a show, but they certainly haven’t denied it, either.

“We live a peaceful, quiet life, but I wouldn’t rule it out if people were interested in our family,” Ben told People magazine recently when asked if they would consider returning to the small screen.

And interest in their family there is. Jessa has a whopping 1.7 million Instagram followers and Ben is no social media slouch with 803,000.

TLC has yet to announce a spinoff for any of the clan, but between all of the adorable, controversial and gorgeous posts by Ben and Jessa, we can’t help but notice that the Seewalds might be trying to get the network’s attention.

Take a look.

1. Picture-perfect reminder

As if TLC needs photographic evidence of how much the camera loves these two.

2. Pumping the iron

This post is a perfect campaign pic for two reasons: Firstly, the health craze is huge right now and people love seeing the Duggars work out, and secondly, it stirred up controversy because commenters thought Jessa shouldn’t be lifting weights while she was pregnant. Everyone knows controversy boosts ratings.

3. Baby Seewald name poll

The couple had 110,000 people vote on what their baby’s name should be. We get it; you have fans.

4. They teased a big move

Last month, the couple said that they are considering a move away from Arkansas and the rest of the Duggar family. Settling in with a new baby while learning the ropes of a new town sounds like perfect fodder for a new show.

5. The surprise gender reveal

This video could probably run as a commercial spot as it is.

6. Taking on the tabloids

The Seewalds are out to prove that they are strong enough to handle the gossip and they aren’t going to back down.

7. Josh is not forgiven

Jessa has definitely alluded to the fact that her issues with Josh’s scandal are unresolved. Exploring her end of the ordeal would make for excellent TV — and she clearly knows it.

8. But his kids are still in the picture

Josh may be too controversial for TV, but his kids aren’t, and fans will certainly be curious to know how they are doing. Jessa proved that she’s all about keeping them in the limelight when she posted this photo of Josh and Jill’s babies happily posing together.

What do you think? Are the Seewalds next in line for their own show?

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