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Oprah refuses to ever run for president because of her race

Oprah Winfrey is finally addressing all those rumors that she might be running for president.

Winfrey was rumored to be seen meeting with Republican candidate Donald Trump for dinner, but she insists to Extra that they coincidentally ran into one another, saying, “Oh, that was not planned.”

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She also laughed off reports that she was being considered as his running mate.

“We did not, we did not,” she said, in response to inquiries that the two had had a conference together.

“I can tell you one thing you can be assured of in this lifetime: as long as I’m black, I will not be running for office,” Winfrey said.

She also added regarding Trump, “Did he think he would be doing as well as he’s doing?”

It’s good to know even Winfrey is as surprised by the numbers as the rest of us.

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But her statement, bringing race into her considerations for running for office, is also surprising. And disconcertingly so. Of course, I think she meant it in an “as long as the sky’s blue” kind of way. But still, it seems the message could easily be misinterpreted that she doesn’t want to run because she’s black. And that is the opposite of what we should be encouraging in the present, when issues of equality are so prevalent and important.

Especially for a black woman like Winfrey, who has such a strong following of young women who aspire to be like her. The last thing they need to be told is that Oprah doesn’t want to run for office because she’s black. That’s crazy discouraging and backward thinking.

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Nothing, especially and above all skin color, should stop someone from running for president. The more diversity the better in everything, but maybe most importantly in politics.

Do you think Winfrey doesn’t want to run for president because she’s black, or were her comments taken out of context?

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