Evan Peters explains why everyone on AHS: Hotel is so damn evil

Oct 15, 2015 at 1:51 p.m. ET
Image: FayesVision/WENN

We're only two episodes in on AHS: Hotel, and it's already abundantly clear that the creepy crawly characters on this season are even more horrifying than the ones in the last four seasons combined.

Bloodthirsty hemophiliacs that don't age, serial killers, pale vampire babies, addiction demons — even the Hotel Cortez itself is a demonic character within the show.


So in a series that thrives on introducing wicked character after wicked character, how is it that Hotel is has managed to make the characters even more evil this season, than we've ever seen before? Evan Peters  — who we're introduced to as the hotel's sadistic original owner, Mr. James March, in the second episode  —  has a theory, and it might have everything to do with his own character.

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"It's people with demons, I think," Peters told Variety of the Hotel Cortez's victims. "They don't necessarily have to be evil, but they are definitely people that have a dark side to them and they are haunted by some dark demons. I think Mr. March has an incredible ability to sniff out the worst in people and they are sort of drawn to that. It's always interesting to see the people who are staying in the hotel — the ones who check in, but can't check out."

But Peters has a soft spot of sorts for the inhabitants of the Hotel Cortez, and feels they might be more victims of circumstance than spawns of Satan.


"I think they've all just sort of maybe gone through bad things," Peters explains. "I mean, they're not all bad, certainly. Maybe they have bad sides to themselves, but none of them are really bad people, per se. That's my opinion, but then again, I've been playing a really evil character, so my judgement might be a little skewed."

As for Peters' Mr. March, who is loosely based on real-life infamous serial killer H.H. Holmes, Peters is damn certain that he is as evil as they come, and he's loving every second of playing him. He recently tweeted to a fan that Mr. March is his favorite character he's played so far.


Portraying Mr. March may be a challenge that Peters thoroughly enjoys, but he also admits that playing one of the darkest characters ever created doesn't come without some head trips and WTF moments.

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"There was one point, I won't say what part it was, but I was sitting there and there was a lot of blood and it was definitely an intense moment," he told Variety. "I was sitting there and we were in between takes and I kind of stood there and said, 'Wow, man. I've done five seasons and this is starting to really get to me. It's starting to get a little weird. I'm starting to see things a little differently. I think I've got to step out for a minute and get back to reality because you become desensitized to it.' But at the end of the day, it's a TV show and you can separate the two, and leave work at home."

What do you think? Are the AHS: Hotel characters victims of circumstance, or is Peters' sense of reality skewed from being on the show?