Ladies of London‘s Caroline Fleming is right to be mad at Marissa Hermer

If there’s one woman on Ladies of London it makes approximately zero sense to offend, it’s Caroline Fleming. She’s kind; she’s kooky; she’s always ready to support and help others; and, um, she’s Danish royalty. Why would you go a take a dig at her, Marissa Hermer, why?

If you saw Monday’s episode (which, of course, you did!), you watched in silent horror as Hermer took a dig — and then another one… and another one — at Fleming for dating a younger man. (Fleming, who’s 40, was dating a 30-year-old at the time. Not exactly robbing the cradle.) The gang was letting loose at a bowling party thrown by Juliet Angus, where they all donned old-school bowling shirts with silly nicknames on them. Fleming’s nickname was “Cougar” in reference to her May-December romance — and boy did Hermer run with that!

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During the ep, Hermer yelled, “Lock up your children!” to Fleming when she got up to bowl. She also made a reference to “little boys,” and Fleming, who’s usually quick to laugh, didn’t find the humor in it. We squirmed in our seats as we saw Fleming seethe like Macaulay Culkin in The Good Son. After Fleming left, Hermer realized what she did was wrong and apparently called to apologize. (We’re yet to see that part.)

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Of course, Hermer’s comments were merely jokes, and while some wouldn’t bat an eyelash at them, Fleming didn’t find the humor. And in a new interview on Bravo TV, Fleming explained why she found the comments so uncouth.

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“I was put off by Marissa’s comments because they are unattractive, unnecessary, and unkind,” Fleming told Bravo. “I don’t believe in making judgments … I am both surprised and also slightly put off by what Marissa says and also how she just keeps going on and on about it — very ungraceful and far away from what I believe in. Unkind comments often come from unhappy place and I wish everyone well.”

Boom! Hermer, y’burnt!

No, in all seriousness, I actually do quite like Marissa Hermer and her comments did appear to be coming from a silly, wine-filled place, as opposed to a malicious one. That said, though, did she not see how her words were hurting Fleming? She should have stopped after the first “joke.”

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Jokingly making fun of a friend’s shirt or the way they bowl is one thing. There’s really no harm or foul in that. But, when you make fun of a person’s relationship, things get kinda real. Nobody wants to be on the receiving end of that. Also, when said jokes have a weird, sexual predator undertone, just… no.

From the sound of things, everything’s all good between the ladies right now. But, if I were Hermer, I wouldn’t go there again. Not only did it get old fast, it’s Caroline Fleming. Nobody should ever make fun of Caroline Fleming.

Did you think Marissa Hermer’s comments were out of line?

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