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AHS: Hotel introduces its first love triangle: Who will The Countess choose?

Say it ain’t so, Matt Bomer!

American Horror Story: Hotel has seemingly given the actor the boot in just the second episode of Season 5. But rather than accept that he is gone for good, let’s just all accept this for what it really is and breathe a sigh of relief: Showrunner Ryan Murphy must be jumping on the love triangle bandwagon, right?

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Because Donovon (Bomer) can’t be gone from our lives The Countess’ life for good.

There is no world of Hotel that we want to live in, well, period — but especially not if there is no Donovon to catch a glimpse of.

He completely sold us in the first episode, what with his broody demeanor and his snarky attitude.

How could The Countess possibly think that Tristan (Finn Wittrock) was a more than adequate replacement? He’s a totally arrogant jerk!

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Sure, as Donovan said in the episode, The Countess absolutely has a type. All these dark-haired, blue-eyed hunks have us swooning this season. Let’s round them up, shall we? There’s Detective John Lowe (Wes Bentley), Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson), Gabriel (Max Greenfield), and then the previously mentioned Tristan and Donovan.

Of course, all these similar-looking men seem to be related to the fact that *spoiler alert* it seems The Countess was previously married to the just-introduced James March, who built the hotel and has a not-so-secretive affinity for slaughtering as many people as possible. And The Countess seemed to enjoy the screams, if that was really her in the brick laying scene.

If the theory is correct that The Countess is March’s wife, then all of this means she’s less and less into Donovan and Tristan and more unwilling to let go of her bloodthirsty husband, who also seems to be clinging to something in the world of the living since he’s lurking around the Hotel Cortez decades after his death.

Does that mean the love triangle is about to become a love square?

If I were Donovan and Tristan, I would go ahead and surrender now if that’s the case since, as clearly demonstrated during Episode 2, March is not someone you want to mess with. Ever. There is no good side. Just the murder-y side.

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And The Countess clearly told her new muse Tristan tonight that just because the hemophiliacs don’t age doesn’t mean the blood virus makes them immortal.

But this whole scenario seems totally OK. The Countess can pick whoever she wants, really. Just as long as Donovan’s screen time in Season 5 is far from over.

And though we can fantasize about a world where he is not only real but single, the odds are good that he’s far from done fighting to win The Countess’ affections.

We just can’t wait to see it.

Do you think Donovan is gone for good or will he win The Countess’ true affection in the end?

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