7 Reasons Supernatural‘s Sam and Dean could die for good this season

And the Darkness continues. As proven last week, Amara (who appears to be the Darkness) is truly wreaking havoc on the lives of Sam and Dean Winchester. Not only did Sam become infected with the Darkness, but Dean is bound to Amara, which can only mean bad things. So, what about Wednesday’s episode? Let’s just say the Winchesters might cease to exist and they really only have themselves to blame.

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Remember how Dean killed Death? Fans knew something bad would come from that — and they were definitely right. According to a Reaper named Billie, Sam and Dean will no longer be cheating death. That’s right; no more resurrecting the brothers. The Reapers have had enough of the Winchesters. As Billie told Sam, “It’s over.” Despite the old Death (does this mean there is a new Death?) finding Sam and Dean dying and coming back again and again funny, Billie and the other Reapers don’t. With old Death’s death, there is a new rule: “What lives, dies.”

However, death is going to be different for Sam and Dean. They won’t be going to heaven or hell. Nope, they will be tossed out into “the empty.” What’s that? That’s a good question, because I have no idea. Per Billie, “nothing comes back” from this empty, so it sounds really, really bad.

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Even though Billie seemingly sealed both Sam and Dean’s fates, there’s always the chance they won’t die. If they do, they’ll totally come back, right? I’m not convinced. This new information might spell the end of Sam, Dean, both Winchesters or even the show. With that said, here are seven reasons why Sam and Dean could easily meet Death’s door — and for good this time.

1. Billie told them so

When a Reaper says you’re going to die, well, I’d probably listen. Billie seemed pretty adamant about the Winchesters meeting their true deaths. However, no one can really be trusted in the land of Supernatural, except for Sam, Dean, Castiel and sometimes even Crowley.

2. It’s Season 11

If this is the last season of Supernatural and it doesn’t get renewed, then what a way to end the show. I think some fans have predicted that one or both brothers could die in the series finale. As horrible and maddening as that might be, maybe the show has something amazing up its sleeve.

3. Sam might not have really cured himself

Anyone else think Sam’s “holy oil” cure for the Darkness is way too easy? There has to be some side effect or something, right? If he didn’t cure himself, there’s a good chance this infection could be fatal for Sammy.

4. Dean’s bound to the Darkness

Dean and Amara/the Darkness are bound to one another, which leads me to this: If the Darkness dies, does that mean Dean dies?

5. The Darkness is lethal

Even angels and demons are beyond frightened of the Darkness, which is scary in itself, especially since they are two extremely strong and threatening supernatural beings. Also, Sam and Dean will do whatever it takes to put down the Darkness, which also means one or both could die in the process.

6. It’d be a great, but also horrible, plot twist

As Crowley said in Wednesday’s episode, “Hello, plot twist.” You know it’d make the show that much more interesting — and sad. There would be even more “single man tears” flowing.

7. Sam or Dean’s death creates a Season 12 story line

Let’s say only one of them dies and is tossed out into “the empty.” That means Season 12 could be about exploring “the empty” and rescuing Sam or Dean.

If those seven reasons don’t make you a believer, then maybe this GIF will. I mean, that foreshadows a lot of horrible things are coming, right?

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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