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Arrow: Why Felicity’s badass boss skills could spell trouble for the team

Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) proved in the latest episode of Arrow that she’s got mad skills when it comes to running a big company, but it’s possible that what makes her such a great boss could break up Team Arrow.

Felicity Smoak, badass CEO

Miss Smoak has been an integral part of the team pretty much since its inception, and though she spends most of her time behind a desk, she still kicks all kinds of butt. Sure, some of her butt-kicking involves a computer screen, but it doesn’t matter as long as bad guys (and girls) are being put away.

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In the latest episode of the CW series, Felicity took that same attitude into the corporate world when she took on the bean counters at Palmer Technologies and made it clear that she wasn’t going to take their crap lying down. Even when she agreed to fire people because she thought it would help the company, she did so on her own terms and she didn’t do it without a fight first.

Arrow - Felicity CEO
Image: The CW

What about the team?

The things that make Felicity a standout CEO are what also make her an excellent part of the team. She’s wicked smart, she’s a good mix of goofy and serious (because who doesn’t need a few one-liners tossed into their earwigs when they are taking down bad guys?), she multitasks like nobody’s business and she can make decisions on the fly — just to name a few.

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Now that she’s also got a big company to run, she could find herself being pulled in two different directions. I’m not saying that Felicity can’t handle it — heck, if anyone can, it’s her — but she could decide to take her life in a new direction. At Palmer Technologies, she will get the chance to run the entire show and not just be one member of a team. Team Arrow does fight crime, though, and that could keep her there no matter what, but it’s just as possible that she could find a way to fight crime in her job as CEO. Then what?

What about Olicity?

Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity have been having some great couple moments in the show so far this season. Some fans are calling them the couple that we all want as our relationship goals. They are a team within the team and I know I’m not alone when I say that I adore them.

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For years, Oliver has leaned on Felicity when times were rough for him, but in the latest episode, we saw their roles reversed. When Felicity was feeling down about her troubling duties at work, Ollie was there to help her through it. I can’t help but wonder, though, if that might not always be the case — especially if Oliver’s plan to become mayor happens.

Can two people be a couple and both have powerful jobs? Of course. But being mayor of Star City and a CEO (while both being part of a team of superheroes) isn’t exactly what anyone would call normal circumstances. Could there be tension someday when one of them comes home with the weight of the world on their shoulders and the other one can’t be there to support them? Will the stress of their work lives come home with them and cause stress in the home? These are questions worth asking and ones I hope end up with happy answers.

What do you think of Felicity being a badass CEO on this season of Arrow? Do you think it will affect her relationship with Oliver or the rest of Team Arrow?

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