Our Little Family celebrates Jack's big birthday!

Oct 14, 2015 at 7:32 p.m. ET

This week we celebrated my baby boy turning 7. Well, who are we kidding? He is not my baby anymore, which is so sad!

When I first had Jack, everyone told me to cherish those moments because they grow up too fast, and to be honest with you, back then, I just wanted him to sleep through the night. Boy, were they right! They do grow up so fast. He is 7, in first grade and growing up right before my eyes. He is such a smart, fun and kind boy. He has such a great self-esteem that I only wish I had at his age. I couldn't be prouder of him.

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Our friends, the Daleys, came to spend the night with us, as they were traveling from North Carolina to Canada. They have nine kids, but only eight of them came, and they all stayed with us. My house was packed to the gills with people. Jack was so excited that they were staying with us, and I have to tell you, so was I. I thought it would make it more fun having them stay with us, rather than in a hotel, and that choice was exactly right; we all had a blast together. They are the nicest family one can meet. All the kids are kind, considerate and all around just lovely. You would think that with 11 kids in my house it would be loud, but to be honest with you, it wasn't. Chris and Andrea grew up with Dan in New Brunswick, Canada, so they have that kind of friendship that is just comfortable and endures through everything. It is just so lovely to spend time with each other — and now our kids love it, as well.

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Dan has such a wonderful talent. He loves to make things with his hands and he is so good at what he does. He is such a perfectionist; it all has to fit together just right and nothing can be off even a millimeter. He hasn't made really anything for us, but don't worry, I have a list of what I would like. This toy box that he made for Walter and Brenda's new grandchild is amazing. What a great idea; it is something that they will have forever. Maybe I should have him start making us a box for our grandchild, because by the time it is done, we might have a grandchild!

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The one thing you didn't see in this episode — we really need a two-hour show — was when Jeff and Mom were driving the kids to Port Discovery. Cece played her favorite car game with Nana. She takes a toy phone, or imagines something else is a phone, and she pretends she is having a phone conversation with you. She makes up things she's doing and even tries to blow you off at the end as she is busy and needs to get somewhere. Sometimes she even can't talk so she just texts you. It is so cute!

Thanks again so much for taking the time to watch our show. Only one more week left this season. It has flown by.