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Jenelle Evans’ Instagram post has fans questioning her parenting (PHOTO)

Jenelle Evans is certainly one of the more controversial Teen Mom stars, and the reaction to her recent Instagram post proves this.

On Tuesday, Evans took to social media to share a picture of herself texting on her phone while filming an episode of Teen Mom 2. She captioned the picture with, “Phones before filming .. Sorry @mtv.”

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While many fans are visibly thrilled with the caption (because it suggests a new season could be coming), there are other commenters who are less impressed by the snap and have accused Evans of being highly unprofessional, and even putting her phone before her kids.

Instagram user avemaria wrote, “U guys suck, mtv must hate working with you. You are being payed [sic] to be filmed yet u just make them wait while u finish with ur phone? So unprofessional and stupid!”

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Instagram user Tabsasaurs was more concerned that Evans was neglecting her sons. The person wrote, “Phones before her kids too.”

In fact, the remark about Evans children has polarized fans and critics and started a bit of a debate in the post’s comments section.

linda.weaver.796569 defended Evans, writing, “All these shit talkers, yours in here using phones and computers while most of you have kids, so shut the the [sic] hell up about her being on the phone when your [sic] sitting here typing while your kid is sitting right next to you duhh.”

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Another user, nlucas2015, added, “im [sic] always on the phone and computer and my kids are perfectly fine.”

Evans took to Twitter to explain what really happened:

Jenelle Evans is no stranger to criticism, and she is by no means a model citizen, but is this backlash deserved? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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