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Liz Hurley causes chaos when she violates museum rules to take selfie

Elizabeth Hurley might play a queen on E!’s The Royals but that doesn’t give her the right to lounge around on ancient four-poster beds, as she found out at the Victoria & Albert Museum recently.

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The Great Bed of Ware at the V&A in London has a strict “no touching” policy so it goes without saying that “no sitting” and “no posing for a selfie” are also rules to be adhered to.

But Liz Hurley couldn’t resist temptation and relaxed on the bed while her friend, designer Patrick Cox, took a quick snap. Perhaps playing (fictional) Queen Helena on the small screen has blurred the lines between celebrity and royalty?

Courtesy: Elizabeth Hurley/Instagram

Shortly after taking the picture alarm bells went off in the museum and Hurley and Cox were escorted from the building.

“As we were leaving, Liz and I wanted to take a quick selfie on this really old bed,” Cox told the Daily Mail. “The alarm went off and all these security guards came and escorted us out of the building. It was very funny.”

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The Great Bed of Ware was built by Jonas Fosbrooke in 1580 and is enormous: almost 10-feet wide and big enough to accommodate four couples. The V&A describes the opulent carved wood bed, with red and gold bedding, as “probably the single best-known object in the Museum” and it even got a mention in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

After all the drama, there was no point in wasting the photo so Hurley dutifully posted it on her Instagram page with the caption: “Oops. Couldn’t resist perching on this magnificent bed in the glorious V&A last night.…and set all the alarms off.”

Oops indeed. What’s next? Sipping champers out of the Rillaton gold cup? We’re secretly hoping Hurley and Cox continue to play the rebels on a tour of U.K. museums.

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