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The Voice: Fans shocked by Blake Shelton’s unexpected steal

Two very talented teenage girls faced off during tonight’s episode of The Voice, but Pharrell was only allowed to choose one. He may not have opted to keep Ivonne Acero on his team, but she still made it to the Knockouts, thanks to a rather unexpected steal from Blake Shelton.

After her Battle with Siahna Im, Acero appeared to be at risk of once again going home before the Knockouts. Had that happened, making it to the Battles would still have been a huge accomplishment for the singer. During Season 8, the singer failed to turn a single chair during the blind auditions, so it was a big deal for her to duke it out with Im during the Battles.

Ivonne Acero
Image: NBC

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Despite being grateful to have scored a spot on Team Pharrell, Acero had no intention of giving up her journey following the Battles. An amazing rendition of the Supremes’ “You Keep Me Hanging On” secured her spot in the Knockouts, but nobody thought that she would wind up under the tutelage of Shelton!

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Team Gwen seemed like more of a natural fit for Acero. Stefani was the first to swoop in for the steal, and she even told Shelton that he was “so dumb” for even trying to snatch Acero for his own team. Stefanie clearly could relate to Acero — and her expertise could have launched the contestant to new heights. And as Adam Levine pointed out, Shelton didn’t even bother to turn around during Acero’s audition.

It’s hard to say how, exactly, Shelton managed to snag Acero, but complimenting her smile certainly didn’t hurt! He also chatted about cantaloupe, which, as she had previously mentioned, is a big deal in her hometown. It goes to show that even the silliest of tactics can work on The Voice.

Ivonne Acero Battle
Image: NBC

Several Twitter users were very surprised when Acero ultimately opted for Shelton. Many skeptics questioned the contestant’s judgment, claiming that Stefani had far more to offer than her country counterpart.

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Now that she’s a member of Team Blake, Acero needs to work on letting go and offering up a fearless performance. It’s of utmost importance that she applies Elliott’s advice about blocking everything else out and giving 100 percent when she’s on the stage. Who knows — Shelton just might bring Acero even further out of her shell.

Do you think Ivonne Acero is a good fit for Team Blake? Or would she have been better off with Gwen Stefani? Comment and share your opinion below.

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