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6 Reasons Scream Queens‘ Red Devil could be targeting Wes next

Ever since last Tuesday’s episode revealed Gigi as the “Hag of Shady Lane,” Scream Queens fans have been wondering what she’s really hiding. Well, after the most recent episode, the KKT’s national chapter president, who is clearly stuck in the ’90s, is hiding much more than the fact that she might know all the details surrounding the mysterious bathtub baby.

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As viewers learned at the end of Tuesday’s episode, Gigi is working with the Red Devil — *gasp*. Just like Boone, Gigi and the Red Devil are in cahoots. Remember, there are two Red Devils on the loose, so does this mean Gigi is one of them? Are there actually more than two killers on campus, meaning Gigi could be the third Red Devil? Or is Gigi the Red Devils’ boss? Whatever the case, there is a more important question we should be asking: Who is “he”? Who does Gigi want the Red Devil to get rid of?

After helping the Red Devil (who also happens to be in love with Zayday, FYI) escape from his/her murderous lair, Gigi said to him/her, “He’s gotta go.” Who’s “he”? Well, I don’t know about you, but all signs (at the moment) are pointing to Wes. Not only is he a shady character, but ever since the beginning, fans have been wondering if he knows more than he’s admitting — like, is Grace really the bathtub baby?

Anyways, Gigi and the Red Devils’ next victim could be a number of characters, but Wes seems to be the likely candidate and here’s why.

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1. He is Gigi’s lover

When doesn’t the killer of a scary movie try or succeed in targeting/killing their lover? Plus, as the saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. What’s a more perfect way to keep tabs on your next victim than by sleeping with him and calling his daughter your “stepdaughter”?

2. He’s clearly hiding a secret

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to Wes. Let’s just hope all his secrets are revealed before he dies (if he dies, that is). Maybe he knows something about the bathtub baby and that mysterious night in 1995? If so, Gigi could want him silenced for some reason that’s yet to be unveiled.

3. He might be the bathtub baby’s father

The timeline adds up. He could totally be the bathtub baby’s father — even if it’s not Grace. Stick with me. Maybe Grace really isn’t the bathtub baby, but Wes had another child with the dead KKT girl from 1995? Hey, it’s a possibility. With that said, it seems that Gigi took care of that baby, so maybe she is mad at Wes for abandoning his other little girl?

4. He loves ’90s music

As much as Gigi clearly loves the ’90s and the decade’s music, there’s a good chance she’s over all those playlists Wes makes. Not to mention, he talked about his deceased wife while getting it on with Gigi. First of all, that’s a mood killer. Second of all, that conversation almost interrupted, as Gigi put it, “the most sensual song ever written,” aka “Black Velvet.” If that isn’t enough reason to want Wes dead…

5. He’s totally connected to 1995 somehow

As previously mentioned, Wes seems to be connected to that KKT death and bathtub baby from 20 years ago. It appears Gigi is, too. That is so much more than a coincidence and clearly means something much larger, which may or may not give reason for the Red Devil to go after Wes.

6. He’s the other Red Devil

Seeing as there are two Red Devils, maybe Wes is the other one, aka not the one Gigi was talking to? She did say to one Red Devil, “That got way out of hand,” which translates to, “Clean up this mess.” Maybe she wants the other Red Devil dead (who may or may not be Wes) because he’s not following orders and is making a mess out of Gigi’s killer plan — that is, if she is the boss of the operation.

Scream Queens airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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