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15 Celebrities We’d Like To Be BFFs With

Some celebrities seem like they’re larger than life: too cool for school, too talented to understand the masses, too beautiful to possibly ever take a selfie with you. We hold these stars aloft, put them on pedestals, and give them an almost worship status: we love them, but they are untouchable. 

Then, though there’s the other kind of celebrity: the kind that seem totally down-to-earth and human, the ones that don’t mind being goofy or sharing their feelings, the ones who post Instagram pictures without makeup on. These are the stars that we dream about in a different way–of grabbing bunch with them on the weekend, watching movies, and pulling pranks on mutual friends. These are the celebs we’d like to be BFF with. 

Let’s take a look at our 15 top picks for celeb best friends forever. 

Anna Kendrick 

Anna Kendrick is an extremely serious actress–who doesn’t take herself seriously. Whether the Pitch Perfect star is telling a funny story on a late night show or being perfectly deprecating on her winning Twitter feed, we just feel like we can relate to what she says and what she’s feeling. How could you not want this mix of sincerity and humor and warmth on your squad? 

Benedict Cumberbatch 

He’s perfected the CumberBomb–and that should be enough for us to want him rolling with our crew. He can also be totally goofy and totally heartfelt, too, depending on when you catch him. He doesn’t mind opening up for fans, whether he’s talking about his experience as a star or talking about his love for his wife, Sophie Hunter. We KNOW he would be the perfect addition to a movie marathon sleepover. 

Jennifer Lawrence 

Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar-winning actress whose talent and beauty are almost too hard to even process. And yet she also manages to be one of the most real people in Hollywood. From fangirling over Jack Nicholson to sharing her stories about being bullied, Lawrence seems to know exactly how we feel, and doesn’t hide behind an impossible image (like she totally could). We wish we could call her next time we go through a breakup. 

Jonathan Van Ness

Last year, the Queer Eye reboot stormed onto the scene and everyone fell in love with it (while also shedding buckets of joyful tears). We love every last member of the fabulous five equally, as a mother would, but… when it comes to who we would want for our very best friend, the answer is clear: Jonathan. Jonathan. Jonathan. Just think about it: he could call us pet names and give us utterly sincere compliments all while playing with our hair and asking about our day. 

Mindy Kaling 

If you’ve read Mindy Kaling’s memoir, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and you don’t want to be her best friend forever, you should probably go see a doctor, because something is wrong with you. Mindy Kaling isn’t just a successful actress, writer, director, and producer, she’s also totally seems like just a normal person who gets how we feel and what life’s like. 

Dwayne Johnson 

The Rock’s life has been anything except normal: he’s gone from being a star football player to a professional wrestling champion, to being a Hollywood A-lister–and he’s kicked butt at them all. But through it all, he has always seemed perfectly down to earth, perfectly kind, and perfectly perfect to be your best friend. 

Michelle Obama 

Okay, so maybe we can’t even imagine a world in which Michelle Obama would even be in the same room with us, but if we could, we would wish for her to be our very best friend ever. She’s strong and soft, silly but serious, and seems like she would always know exactly the right thing to say when we’d go to her for problems. And just think: if she was our bestie, we’d likely also get to hang out with her best buddies: Barack and Joe. 

Nicole Kidman 

How could we not? Even though Nicole Kidman is basically almost a goddess, she also seems like one of the most real people in Hollywood, and she’s been that way for literally decades. Through her dramatic relationships, her kids, and her career ups and downs, she’s always handled everything with openness and grace. We need that in our lives! 


Pop princesses often seem totally untouchable: perfect in every way, impossibly blonde, effortlessly cool. Then Pink came along in 2000 and showed us that you can belt out chart-toppers and also be a totally down-to-earth person who is open about her flaws and unapologetic about who she is. We have a feeling that Pink would understand us–and that she would be super fun to go on a road trip with. 

Chris Pratt 

This Jurassic World star is super down-to-earth and relatable–and funny to boot. He came up to his superstar status the hard way–through a lot of odd jobs and hard work–and maybe that’s why he still seems to have kept it totally real despite his fame and fortune. We are totally sure that if Chris Pratt was our best friend, he’d always be offering to pick us up so we don’t have to drive. 

Lakeith Stanfield

Lakeith Stanfield is our new favorite person, especially after his roles in Atlanta, Get Out, and Sorry to Bother You. Not only is the man superbly talented, he’s also a total nerd and a total goof–not to mention a poet and a rapper. We swear if he were our friend, we would go to all of his performances, and in turn he’d be happy to say some encouraging things about whatever creative endeavors we’re starting. 

Ali Wong 

Comedian Ali Wong tells it like it is when she’s on stage, especially when it comes to relationships, pregnancy, and motherhood. Nothing is funnier than the truth, and Wong never holds back. We need this in our life. If she were our best friend, we’d have someone to call whenever something went wrong–and she’d not only be able to tell us the truth about, but make us laugh to boot. 

Kristen Bell 

Help: we have been obsessed with Kristen Bell ever since her breakout role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and we don’t know what to do. She doesn’t seem to have an insincere bone in her body, and she seems like a delight to work with. We want to split milkshakes with her and then sneak into the movie theater and then paint our nails together. 

Chrissy Teigen

Model and writer Chrissy Teigen would be our friend who absolutely tells it like it is. We know this because she always tells it like it is, whether it’s in an interview or on social media. She is the woman to ask if we look okay in a dress, or if we have something in our teeth, or if our new boyfriend sucks. She would tell us, and we would be totally cool about it. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Writer and musician Lin-Manuel Miranda is already our very best friend in our mind, so why not just take the extra step and make it true in real life, too? He is so passionate about what he does, and so compassionate, and at the same time tells a great dad joke. If he is one-tenth as nice and heartfelt as he is on Twitter, we would make him a friendship bracelet and he would never ever take it off. 

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