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Gabrielle Union discusses women who choose career over babies

As a direct result of the years spent putting in hard work in the entertainment industry, Gabrielle Union’s career is flourishing.

She’s starred in the title role of BET’s Being Mary Jane since 2013, she has at least three projects that are either in post-production or filming and she’s still recognized for her iconic roles in ’90s films like She’s All That, 10 Things I Hate About You and Bring it On.

Does Union’s decision to focus on career over starting a family in her 20s and 30s make her seem like a cold woman with a problematic life? Absolutely not. She’s got a warm, inviting presence, is in a loving relationship with her husband, Dwayne Wade, and she certainly doesn’t fit the typical mold of what the entertainment industry would have us believe a childless woman is.

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Union appeared on the Today Show on Monday to discuss her problem with the way career-driven women are treated by Hollywood, stressing that females shouldn’t have to feel guilty because they don’t have any kids.

“I think TV shows and films kind of make [out that] the frigid, single-focused career woman, that her career is the root of all her problems in life,” she said. “That’s just not the case.”

She also addressed the misconception that infertility is a shame bestowed on older women, or women who decided to try to have a baby at a later age, when, in fact, infertility is an issue that can affect women of all ages.

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“Fertility is an issue, period. Having a career is not a price you pay for any ill,” she asserted, adding, “If you happen to have issues with fertility as you’ve gotten older and you happen to have a career, all is not lost. There is so much hope, there are so many options. You’re not alone.”

Watch Union on Today below.

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