Leah Henry reveals sick details about her kidnappers on new show (VIDEO)

Oct 13, 2015 at 9:27 a.m. ET

Leah Henry shares her story of faith and perseverance in this exclusive preview.

This week on the new hit show, They Took Our Child: We Got Her Back, Henry talks candidly about what it was like on the second day of her captivity. She speaks about the brutal man who kidnapped her and speaks of the things he did.

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In this exclusive preview, Henry shares how the monster that hurt her brought newspaper articles for her to see with images of her sister and her family. They were crying, sad, scared and hurt. Henry admits that she only wished she was able to give them some comfort. That she was somehow able to tell them that she was "OK."

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The kidnapper also tried to convince Henry that everyone would give up on her. That they would forget about her. Henry refused to believe him, though. She knew that her family would not give up, that they would keep fighting until they brought her home. She also knew if she was able to get through the horror of the night before that she could hold on and make it until she was reunited with her family.

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They Took Our Child: We Got Her Back is an extremely touching show that families should watch. Each week, the producers focus on a young woman who was kidnapped, abused and beat the odds, and is now sharing her story in hopes of helping other families and other young women who may have found themselves in a similar situation.

It is a show that focuses on the power of a person to get themselves through the worst of situations, only to come out on the other side and be able to call themselves a survivor. Watch They Took Our Child: We Got Her Back on Lifetime, Wednesdays at 10/9c.

Did you watch the first episode of this new, wonderful show? Will you start watching now?

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