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Switched at Birth‘s new love triangle is the craziest plot twist yet

On the latest episode of Switched at Birth, the ABC Family drama dropped a bomb that none of the fans saw coming.

When the episode started out, all the fans were talking about on Twitter was how hot Garrett (Nyle DiMarco) was and whether or not he was right for Bay (Vanessa Marano). But then another story took over completely and it left viewers reeling from one of the show’s most surprising twists to date.

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Warning: Major spoilers ahead for “Accommodations of Desire.”

The secret

Josh (Austin Caldwell) and his girlfriend (who is also Daphne’s study partner) Vilma were having some issues. Daphne (Katie Leclerc) reluctantly agreed to find out what was happening and got Josh to (just as reluctantly) admit that he liked someone else. Boy, did that get the speculations flying on Twitter about how Josh must be in love with Daphne. It made sense, right? He was her interpreter after all.

The kiss

But then Josh and Mingo (Adam Hagenbuch) were hanging out and with the alcohol flowing freely, they became closer. Mingo revealed himself not to be the jerk that Josh first thought he was and then suddenly Josh planted a kiss on Mingo. When it happened it was hard to know who was more shocked, Mingo, Josh or the fans.

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The truth

And with that, Josh, Daphne and Mingo became part of a rather unique love triangle. Josh was immediately loved by everyone on Twitter for being honest with Daphne about what happened. You have to love a guy who can joke about something that must have been both awkward and stressful for him to recount.

Switched at Birth: Josh and Daphne
Image: ABC Family

The new couple?

Some viewers haven’t been happy with Daphne texting another guy while she’s dating Mingo, especially after she told him she was going to stop. When Josh planted one on Mingo, it got some fans thinking that maybe Josh and Mingo should hook up. Some were even promising to ship the two, which makes us very interested to check out what kind of Switched at Birth fan-fiction is going to be published after this episode.

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Mingo has definitely been portrayed as straight, so maybe it’s a far-fetched idea to think he and Josh could have a future, but all we know is that they do make a really hot pair. Also, they would have the coolest couple nickname: Jingo. We also know that Mingo was sweet enough to go and pick Josh up the morning after and make sure that he got some help with his massive hangover. Could that be the sign of true love?

Even if Mingo and Josh don’t end up together, there are still plenty of reasons to watch this triangle. Josh was amazing to tell Daphne how great Mingo was and it’s obvious that is what made her tell the other guy they needed to stop their little text affair. A triangle made up of a guy who likes a guy who likes a girl who kind of likes another guy? This, people, is good TV.

What did you think of Josh kissing Mingo on Switched at Birth?

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