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RHOC fans disgusted by Vicki Gunvalson’s Jesus comparison

Vicki Gunvalson decided to leave class behind when she attended Tamra Judge’s baptism party. The reality star ended a tumultuous season of The Real Housewives of Orange County with a huge fight… and a tasteless analogy.

An entire season of RHOC has revolved around Brooks Ayers’ supposedly fake cancer, so it’s not exactly a surprise that this was also the focus of the season finale. But while previous drama has largely centered on Meghan Edmonds’ prying, tonight’s episode was all about Gunvalson versus Shannon Beador. They were the best of friends during Beador’s inaugural season, but the two are now constantly at each other’s throats.

Shannon Beador
Image: Bravo

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After facing off against Beador, Gunvalson decided to get as far away from Judge’s baptism party as possible. On her way out, Judge repeatedly begged her best bud to reconsider. During one of these encounters, Gunvalson decided to use her friend’s baptism as an analogy for her ongoing struggle with the other RHOC ladies. She declared that, like Jesus, she had been crucified.

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Gunvalson’s remark was in very bad taste, but had it occurred in confidence while chatting with Judge, it might not have been so terrible. Judge’s baptism was anything but ordinary, so she probably would not have been overly offended by the Jesus comment. But instead of discussing the matter in private with Judge, Gunvalson shouted it from the rooftops — while in the company of a pastor!

Suffice it to say, Twitter users were not happy about Gunvalson’s Jesus comparison. The following are just a few of the negative responses from upset RHOC fans.

Gunvalson’s ridiculous behavior certainly did not end after she compared herself to Jesus. Later, while chatting with Judge before leaving for another party, the reality star claimed that, like Judge, she had been baptized that evening. Evidently, lashing out at Beador is equivalent to a baptism ceremony.

It’s easy to see why Gunvalson was annoyed — her so-called friends wouldn’t stop bringing up Ayers’ cancer, and when she tried to escape the drama, they repeatedly got in the way. That being said, her analogy was uncalled for. Claiming to be crucified while in the company of a pastor at a baptism is nothing short of tacky — and it’s certainly not a good way to win friends.

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Were you offended when Vicki Gunvalson compared her ordeal at Tamra Judge’s baptism party to the crucifixion of Jesus? Comment and share your opinion below!

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