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5 Reasons to be obsessed with Ladies of London‘s Annabelle Neilson

Ladies of London‘s Annabelle Neilson has been a bit under the radar this season, but whenever we’ve seen her, she’s brought her own brand of sass, style and realness to the show. Here are some reasons to make her your favorite lady of London.

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Image: Bravo

1. She’s as tenacious as they come

If you watched the first season of Ladies of London, you might remember Annabelle’s terrifying fall from a horse going 45 miles an hour. She broke her pelvis and back and spent weeks in horrible pain, but she was determined to literally get back on the horse and ride in the following year’s charity race, and by the end of the season, after intense physical therapy, she was mobile. This season, she’s sashaying around town looking more fabulous than ever.

2. She’s seriously creative

Annabelle is the muse of designer Alexander McQueen and has been a model and fashion icon for years. Additionally, though, she’s written her own series of children’s books, The Me Me Me’s, as well as contributed to The Curious Tale of Fi-Rex, a celebrity-written children’s book, and is currently at work on her own book about her friendship with McQueen. Rumor has it that this season on LOL she’ll also do a fashion show with supermodel Naomi Campbell.

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3. She’s a great friend

This season has been pretty rough so far for Julie Montagu, but she’s had Annabelle there to stand up for her and urge her to stand up for herself, especially to Caroline Stanbury. In an interview with Bustle, Annabelle reflected on Caroline’s behavior at Juliet’s New Year’s party, when Caroline teased Julie about her abilities as a yoga instructor. “I don’t like watching anyone feel like they’re being undermined, and if I can stop it to a degree, I will… don’t pick on the American girl who’s becoming a Lady, and also feels bloody insecure.”

4. She might be on a reality show, but she’s still discerning

Annabelle runs with a different crew than the rest of the Ladies of London cast — her longtime friends include Kate Moss, Jude Law and Naomi Campbell. Just because she has famous comrades, though, doesn’t mean she’s partying hard or often, just… strategically. “Most of us have to do our jobs,” she told Fox News Magazine. “That means focusing on what’s important, rather than what’s pretty much not important… I’ve been to enough cocktail parties in my life.”

5. She’s not interested in creating drama

Last season, Annabelle and Juliet briefly got into it, but repaired their relationship — and that was that. This season, Annabelle’s having none of it — she’s a straight-shooter who wants everyone to deal with themselves and their issues, and fans are loving it.

What do you think of Annabelle this season? Are you glad to see a new side of her? Do you think she’s been staying out of drama or inciting it?

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