10 Reasons Lady Gaga is So Much More Than Your Typical Pop Star

Um, did ya see the halftime show at Super Bowl LI last night? Tom Brady may have secured his place as the GOAT NFL quarterback when he ushered the Patriots into an unbelievable comeback to beat the Falcons, but Lady Gaga’s crazy performance of all her greatest hits solidified her title as the reigning Queen of Pop. Sorry Madonna.

Yes, Gaga’s halftime extravaganza was mind-blowing, but it’s not the only reason we love her. Here are all the ways Gaga has broken the typical pop star mold over the years.

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1. When she opened up about her PTSD

In an effort to help others with PTSD and other mental illnesses, Lady Gaga opened up to a group of LGBT youth in New York about her own PTSD that was a result of a sexual assault that occurred earlier in her life.

Meditation helps me to calm down,” she told the group during her visit in New York, via CNN. “I don’t have the same kinds of issues that you have, but I have a mental illness and I struggle with that mental illness every day so I need my mantra to help keep me relaxed.”

2. She never fails to keep it real

Talk about a superstar who isn’t letting the fame get to her head — Gaga’s tour event in Oct. 2016 was a total surprise that caught even her biggest fans off guard. Instead of doing the glitz, glamour and lights to promote her album Joanne — which came out Oct. 21 — Gaga opted for a secret dive bar tour instead. It wasn’t until early October that three select showcases were announced in local Nashville bars to debut the songs on her new album.

3. When she tackled the rape epidemic

In her song and video for the 2015 single, “Til It Happens to You,” Gaga boldly addresses the prevalence of rape in contemporary culture. It’s moving and it feels real and personal — and now we know why. It goes deeper than common pop music.

4. Her role in American Horror Story: Hotel

Yes, many a pop star has gotten their start in acting or even gone on to score acting roles after they gained mainstream success, but Gaga’s portrayal of a 100-year-old hemophiliac on the latest season of AHS is a far cry from Desperately Seeking Susan or Burlesque. Gaga successfully creates an eerie character that is truly captivating.

5. When she ignored the Twitter hate after a big win

Speaking of AHS, Gaga’s performance on the show was good enough to win her a Golden Globe in early 2016 — an honor that the Twittersphere did not appreciate. When Twitter fans accused her of going the boring Hollywood route (and following in the footsteps of other talented musicians who have won Golden Globes, like Madonna and Cher), Gaga kept her cool and didn’t clap back. Unsurprisingly, she was the most tweeted about celebrity of the night.

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